Civil Air Patrol cadet Tony Salgado

Cody resident Cadet Basic Tony Salgado was promoted to Cadet Airman in a ceremony at the squadron at the end of November.

Cadet Salgado, a freshman at Cody High School, met the requirements in leadership, fitness, character development and participation in order to meet this achievement. He was awarded his first stripe and earned the Curry Award, which is named after John Curry, the first national commander of Civil Air Patrol.

Cadet Salgado joined two other cadets of the Yellowstone Regional Composite Squadron in being promoted. Cadet Airmen Adam Swaney, from Powell, and Wyatt Houchin, from Otto, were promoted to Cadet Airman First Class. This promotion, which required completion of leadership, aerospace, character development and drill tasks, earned them the Arnold award. This award is named after General Hap Arnold, the commanding general of US Army Air Forces in WWII.

Senior Cadet First Lieutenant Rui Parker, from Deaver, was named Cadet Commander for the squadron. He is responsible for making sure the squadron runs smoothly by creating the monthly schedule and keeping tabs on the participating cadets. He works closely with other senior cadets and the squadron commander to provide a quality program each week.

Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Jay Swaney, from Powell, was awarded with a clasp to his community service ribbon. He has worked tirelessly to perform volunteer activities outside of regular meetings. He has now accumulated over 120 hours of community service.

Every one of these cadets have made great strides in their volunteer community service by being part of the Civil Air Patrol cadet program. This program is geared towards developing and training young adults to become leaders in their community, state, and nation along with instilling knowledge of aerospace education. The Yellowstone Squadron services members within the Big Horn Basin and encourages prospective cadets to check out the program.

Civil Air Patrol is an auxiliary of the United States Air Force, which helps sponsor activities and transport vehicles, both aircraft and ground. Cadets can join the program once they turn 12 and receive five orientation flights in a powered CAP aircraft along with developing leadership skills and learning about various aspects of aerospace education. Adults can join as senior members to help mentor the cadets and implement the three missions of Civil Air Patrol – Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs and Emergency Services.

The squadron meets every Tuesday night at the Powell Armory from 6:30-8:30. Please contact the squadron commander, Lieutenant Colonel BJ Carlson at if you are interested in attending a meeting or wish to have more information about the local squadron. For more information on Civil Air Patrol, please visit the national website at:

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