The University of Wyoming conferred to the following people after the conclusion of the fall semester:


Mackenzie Jayne Amrine, Bachelor of Science; Heather Elizabeth Chandler, Bachelor of Arts; Sarah L. Crawford, Bachelor of Science; Mitchell D. Espeland, Master of Arts; Brayden Zachary Feusner, Bachelor of Science; Courtney Claire Garrison, Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences; Blake A. Hinze, Bachelor of Science; Nicholas S. Hummel, Certificate; Anna Marie Kemner, Bachelor of Science; Om Patel, Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering; Matthew J. Poto, Bachelor of Music; Dakota W. Russell, Bachelor of Arts; Kenna Marie Skoric, Bachelor of Arts; Aurora Stenulson, Bachelor of Science; Ashley M. Umphlett, double Bachelor of Science; Hannah Scout Vannoy, Bachelor of Arts


Janel Thatch, Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Eston Lynam Croft, Bachelor of Science


Wilson Thomas Renner, Bachelor of Science


Ben Argento, Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering; Amanda Enriquez, Certificate; Eisaac Charles Owens Flowers, Bachelor of Science; Adam K. Griffin Bachelor of Science in Computer Science; Shaylee C. Hancock, Bachelor of General Studies; Danyang Liu, Bachelor of Science in Nursing; Sara Renea McCullough, Bachelor of Science; Dallin North, Bachelor of Science; Danika Pearson, Bachelor of Science; Ashley J. Seckman, Bachelor of Science; Jeremiah Vaskis, Bachelor of Science; Chase Michael Wentz, Bachelor of Music

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