Air patrol

C/SMSgt Eli Swaney (left) and C/SMSgt Jay Swaney were both honored at a recent meeting of the local Civil Air Patrol. 

Recently, the Yellowstone Regional Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol promoted two active cadet members. Cadet Master Sergeant Eli Swaney and his brother, Cadet Master Sergeant Jay Swaney, advanced to Senior Master Sergeant, also named the Doolittle Achievement. This is named after Jimmy Doolittle, a pioneer in aeronautical engineering and a key player in the early World War II air raid on Tokyo.

In addition to the promotion ribbons, both SMSgt Eli and Jay Swaney were awarded two additional ribbons. The Red Service ribbon acknowledges two years of service in Civil Air Patrol. The Community Service ribbon rewards cadets who do a minimum of 60 hours of community service. Both of the cadets did close to 90 hours of volunteer service during their two-year tenure. They were active in their church and with the American Legion in Powell.

These awards recognize excellence in all four areas of cadet life: leadership, aerospace, fitness, and character. Cadets are required to complete tests, be physically fit, and attend character development and leadership lessons, with the intent to develop future leaders with great character. In addition, cadets are exposed to aerospace education activities and perform community service activities. Cadets also abide by the four core values – integrity, volunteer service, excellence and respect.

Meetings occur at the Powell Armory on Tuesday evenings 6:30-8:30 p.m. The public is invited to attend meetings to check out the program. Cadets can join Civil Air Patrol between the ages of 12 and 17 and stay in the cadet program until age 21. Adults 18 and over can join as senior members. More information about Civil Air Patrol can be found at or Contact Lt. Col. B.J. Carlson at (307) 762-3536 for more local squadron information.

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