Jess Benson

Deputy Jess Benson shows the small hole the escapees crawled through at the Park County jail. 

Here’s a glimpse into what was happening 50 years ago in the Enterprise July 29, 1970.


Two Escape, Are Recaptured in County Jail Break Saturday

At 7:30 a.m. last Saturday, deputy sheriff at the Park County jail found two prisoners had escaped from the cell block. John Hume Jr., facing charges of grand larceny for entering the Log Cabin Bar the morning $1,000 in cash and checks were reported missing, and Joseph R. Johnson of North Carolina, one of the men being held in connection with breaking and entering and the possession of burglary tools following the theft of $700 from E.H. Walrath and Sons Bean Mill, had escaped from the jail earlier that night. 

After sawing through the heavy steel of their cell’s door frame, they pried loose a heavy angle iron to force the door open and then hacking through a heavy steel mesh covering a window, which took several hours of work and mysteriously acquired tools, the two were captured separately later that  day. Hume was found hiding in an attic at 3:20 p.m. and Johnson was cornered in a yard and returned to jail at 7:30 p.m., twelve hours after escape. Both were found near the Ned Highland Bunkhouses.


Cody Hosts Little League State Tourney - Play Continues Thru Sunday

Little League baseball players from all over Wyoming gathered in Cody that day for the first round of the State Little League Tournament. All of the teams competing will culminate in a last round on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. to choose the champion. The people who helped the tournament wanted to extend their thanks to local residents  who opened their homes to house the many young athletes for the week.


State Archaeological Society To Meet At Dead Indian Site

The Wyoming Archaeological Society Convention planned by Milford Hanson, president of the North Big Horn Basin Chapter and secretary Sharon Smith was almost prepared for the weekend. Master of Ceremonies Milford Hansen said they were expecting over 200 people for the dig at the Dead Indian Site. 

The Northern Big Horn Basin Chapter played host because of the location, which was called one of the major archaeological sites involving prehistorical Native Americans found in the area. Dr. George Frison of the University of Wyoming and his six student crew featured their work. It will also feature Ross Hillman, one of the crew and grandson of the one of the society’s founders, receiving the Wyoming Archaeological Society’s Malloy Scholarship.


Three Fined For Camp Violations

Three individuals got fined for violations of camping and forest regulations. The first was fined $25 for throwing fire crackers, the second was fined $15 for parking and camping in an unpermitted area, and the third was fined $20 for allowing two boys to run loose and for using profane language when a forest service patrolman told them to cease. Emphasis was put on that all other methods to settle the situation were used before resorting to fines.


A Peaceful Week In Cody

An editorial spoke of how, for the first time in weeks, all concerns around Cody had been given positive answers and there had been no conflict. There is a wistful statement wishing for more peaceful and prosperous weeks like this one.

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