If you had a good or bad experience with a business and want to tell other people, you’ll probably write a review. And if you want to resolve a dispute with a business, you’ll want to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Submitting a review or complaint can be a way to get a resolution from the business or help other customers find trustworthy businesses.

But not all reviews or complaints are made equal. A well-written evaluation of a business can be the start of a successful resolution to your issue or to spreading the word far and wide. A poorly written review or complaint on the other hand, can leave you stuck at the starting line. Here are some tips for writing good complaints or reviews that will help.

Be factual. Factual reviews let the reader judge for themselves and a factual complaint helps both the business and a third party like BBB determine the best potential resolution of the dispute.

Be specific. When the crux of a complaint comes down to whether a business performed according to a contract or other promise, specifics like dates, amounts, prices, quality and type of materials, etc. can be critical. In reviews, it can be helpful to determine exactly what was good or bad about an experience, separating say poor service at a restaurant from the good food.

Be polite. That doesn’t mean sugarcoating a negative opinion, but it does mean focusing on the subject of your interaction with the business, rather than blanket statements or attacks that have little to do with your experience. 

Be personable. Throughout all of this, it’s still important to remind either readers of your review or any business you filed a complaint with that you are a real person. 

To start the process of resolving your dispute with a business or to tell other people about your experience with a business, visit BBB.org to file complaints and read or submit customer reviews.

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Joe Whittaker

People still use the BBB? It’s like Yelp, but for boomers…

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