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Happy? A job website sure thinks so.

Cody was named the happiest city in the state, according to employment resource ZIPPIA.

The site provided a handful of reasons why we should all be maintaining big grins.

“They aren’t wasting their lives on long commutes, for one,” the site reads. “The average Cody resident only drives 12.2 minute to work. Toss in affordable housing and the fact that most Cody residents are coming home to a loving partner, and it’s easy, to see the city has a lot going for it.”

To that end, the city of 9,761 people includes a marriage rate of 18%.

In Cody, nearly 40% of workers earn more than $75,000.

Cody edged second-place Ranchettes, a 7,000-person suburb of Cheyenne, and Rock Springs finished third, Jackson fourth and Sheridan fifth.

Worland was the only other Big Horn Basin community listed, ranked 10th. While Cheyenne and Casper are eighth and ninth, the site’s city rankers determined the list reflected a specific outcome.

“We set out to find the cities in Wyoming where life is sweetest, the wages are high, and people aren’t wasting their lives away in cars,” the site said. “The results? Happiness comes in small packages.”

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barbed wire bliss

This "happy town" survey was obviously conducted prior to Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.


It the happiest town in WY when all of the tourists leave. It will be even happier when all of the Commiefornians leave in January/February once they find out what winter is really like.


If Cody is somehow Wyoming's happiest place, the rest of the state must be some other planet's Perdition .

This isn't information or kudos, people ... it's just marketing. The only question is who creates these " ten best..." lists and how much are they paid to do it. Then again , for the longest time the towen of Gillette WY , not known for it's pulchritude or being the Elyssian Fields in the Sagebrush gave itself the moniker of " The Sharpest Town In The West ". ha !


It suggests that 40% of the people that live in Cody Wyoming makes $70,000 a year on a $70,000 a year income you can't touch a house in Cody Wyoming right now with the family of four


Where is affordable housing in Cody Wyoming please let the entire community know affordable housing does not mean low income housing

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