The University of Wyoming has recognized its top academic achievers with the release of its honor roll lists. UW recognizes three honor rolls at various levels of academic excellence.

The President’s Honor Roll includes those students who enrolled in 12 credit hours or more in the spring semester and earned a perfect 4.0 grade point average. The Dean’s and Dean’s Freshman Honor Rolls includes students enrolled in at least 12 credit hours who are not freshman who earned a 3.4-3.99 GPA, and freshman who earned a 3.25-3.99 GPA. The Provost’s Honor Roll includes those enrolled in 6-12 credit hours who earned a 3.5 GPA or better.

President’s Honor Roll


Callee E. Catlin, Kye D. Catlin, James Davidson, Jarom S. Davidson


Ashlyn B. Bower, Cameron W. Cloud, Julia A. Cook, Natalie J. Demple, Kendall M. Diaz, David Henrich, Cheyenne Irene Hume, Laural G. Lawler, Chase Jackson Livingston, Augustus W. Mahieu, Drew Michael Morris, Aaron Nichols, Sydney Pomajzl, Sarina Poto, Jenna L. Slikker, Mariah D. Taylor, Beverly R. Teeter, Matthew Nelson Thomas, Simona R. Wambeke, Erin Woolley


Alecxander A. Christensen, Kalley Mae Collins


Livia Virginia Higgins


Gudelfina G. Mendez Perez


Mandi J. Baxendale, Andrea Lois P. Monterde, Kendal B. Rasmussen


Brandi Akin, Cody Akin, Natalie J. Birdsley, Kaden A. Bollinger, Jaymison J. Cox, Jacob Scott Frankenberry, Nicolas T. Fulton, Tarje D. Grover, Danna Lea Hanks, Antony J. Lewis, Jordan C. Moore, Juliakay P. Oneill, Marie W. Ramier, Nicole Delaney Sanders, Abigail Mariah Saville, James B. Sheets, Amy Smith, Emily Ann Sweet


Mason G. Baum

Provost’s Honor Roll


Melinda Ballard


John T. Andren, Katie Denise Couturem, Charles R. Davis, Landon G. Greer, Greg Gross, Jami T. Hicks, Jessica Morales, Julia Neff, Klay P. Nelson, Kevin Page, Dillon Michael Romero, Abigale Jones Shreve, Jordan Wasia, Samantha Williams-Gbadamosi, Jessica Ann Williams


Jared D. May


Brett Charles Gilman, Kristi K. Hernandez, Ethan Landers, Lara Myers, Annette Paisley, Lauren B. Pickett, Skylor G. Spomer, Tayli N. Stenerson, Angela Tillotson, Anne C. Toner

Dean’s and Dean’s Freshman Honor Rolls


Landon George, Emily R. Mendez, Alora Tempany, Maelona Tempany


Nathaniel D. Whitham


Hannah S. Becker, Courtney R. Blethe, Skylah Joele Bree, Hayden C. Bronnenberg, Lesley Brooks, Hunter Capron, Brian Clarkson, Brian Casey Coe, Trystton P. Cole, Brook C. Deal, Hunter Graves, Joncey Hicks, Cody P. Hume, Nathan A. Hunt, Finnegan Jackson, Erika Large, Paul J. Lovera, Alexis Mcbride, Kaitlyn S. Polley, Braden T. Potter, Nicholas K. Simpson, Baylee Stafford, Teagan Thompson, Deirdre Trask, Jakoby J. Vipperman. Evan Frederick Wambeke


Elizabeth Lauren Hinckley, Wyatt J. Horrocks


Jaret Collins, Benjamin Andrew Cornia, Megan Lee Cornia, Justin H. Dausman, William L. Defuentes, Rabiah Khan, Emily D. Mangus, Trace K. Murphey, Savanna Rose Savage


Caitlyn Crum


Sydney Jo Horton


Lauren Brooke Asher, David Benner, Tiffany Bergman, Christian Scott Bitzas, Riley Kathleen Corbridge, Gracen M. Curtis, Grant Lloyd Dillivan, Demi Michelle Dusenberry, Aaron L. Jacobsen, Rachel Kuntz, Chase A. Rose, Sierra Sanders, Sabrina K. Shoopman, Aubrie N. Stenerson, Brooke Lindsay Tucker, Cassandra Vega, Bennett A. Walker, John D. Walsh, Sadie P. Wenzel


Sterling W. Cozzens


Victoria Ransom, Tristan J. Rowland, Claire E. Wooden

Yellowstone National Park

Bryce W. Thomas

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