An acrylic by Randy Burke  won Best of Show honors at Cody Country Art League’s annual Community Art Show and Sale on July 10.

The Powell artist calls his painting “Hunting the Shallows.” 

Other top awards went to Paul Kethley of Powell and Cody residents Dave Kewitt and Jacqueline Hajba-Miner.

Kethley’s “When Stories Are Told” oil painting is this year’s recipient of the Wells Fargo award.

Kewitt’s oil painting titled “Back Alley Tour” won the Fern Bath Award. The first-time award goes to an artist who not only creates beautiful paintings, but also gives back to the art league.

Hajba-Miner, named the Shirley and Denny Barhaug Emerging Artist, received a free annual CCAL membership for her oil painting “Mill Creek Adirondack.” 

The People’s Choice Award is still to be determined. Stop by the gallery and gift shop at 836 Sheridan to vote.   

Pieces from the show will remain on display in the CCAL gallery through Aug. 7. All entries are suitable for family-friendly viewing. 

Some artwork submitted is available for purchase, and commissions of 35% and 45% for member and nonmember pieces benefit the art league. 

For more information call the gallery, (307) 587-3597.

Wyoming fine artist and cartoonist E. Denney NeVille judged 218 entries in each medium for amateur, professional and youth categories.

“The art league is a credit to the community in that it highlights the vast depth of art awareness among the population, and it was amazing to see such a high quality of work done by so many who participated, from 4 years old and into the retired age,” NeVille said. “Art appreciation defines a good quality in a community.”

He encourages everyone to support the art league and the people who work to keep it functioning.

The Community Art Show is regional. Mostly artists who enter are Wyoming residents while several hail from Montana, said René Huge, gallery director.

Only original works created within the past two years and not previously exhibited in the CCAL gallery qualified for the show. Artwork was judged in three categories: professional, amateur and youth. Awards by medium went to first, second and honorable mention placewinners. 

Community Art Show award recipients by

category include:


Oil-acrylic – Ron Rogers, 1st; Maggie Bassett, 2nd; Patty Stern and Stephanie Rose, honorable mention.

Woodworking – Ward Dominick, 1st.  

Photography – Shawn Stewart, 1st; Elaine Haberland, 2nd; Michael Balog, HM.

Mixed media – Donna M. Moore, 1st; Tina Fagan, 2nd; Tiffani Jackson, HM.

Drawing-graphite – Elliott Eaton, 1st; Moore, 2nd; Catherine Nailing Crawford and Brooke Malia Mann, HM.

Pottery-ceramic – Mark Kronfuss, 1st; Shirley Stephens, 2nd; Stephanie Manuele and Mark Kronfuss, HM.

Sculpture – Jim Marsico, 1st; Aaron Connelly, 2nd; Tanner Loren, HM.

Watercolor – Melody Christensen, 1st; Moore, 2nd; Donna Morgan and Loretta Derr, HM.   

Pastel  – Deanna Matteson, 1st; Louise Payovich, 2nd; Deanna Matteson, HM.


Oil-acrylic – Larry Bathauer, 1st; Coletta Kewitt, 2nd; Zachary Ross, HM.

Drawing-graphite – Larry Bathauer, 1st; Cody Tarbett, 2nd; Wilson Crawford, HM.

Sculpture – Jason Litton, 1st; Kristian Jensen, 2nd; Sarah Hite, HM.

Mixed media – Anna Carpenter, 1st; Penny Jankowski, 2nd; Connie Holland, HM.

Photography – Todd Johnson,1st; Chris Parsons, 2nd, Chris Parsons, HM.

Pastel – AB Smith, 1st; Paula Dimler, 2nd; Paula Dimler, HM.

Watercolor – Beth Gleason, 1st; Hattie Pimentel, 2nd; Joanna Marquis, HM.


Pastel – Emmalee Nordland, 1st.

Watercolor – Jack Ruble, 1st; Emmalee Nordland, 2nd. 

Oil-acrylic – Maezie Kronfuss, 1st; Gracie Buck, 2nd.  

Mixed media – Jack Ruble, 1st.

Drawing-graphite – Asher Black, 1st; Audrey Johnson, 2nd; Amethyst Hartley, HM.

Sculpture – A. Johnson, 1st.

Photography – Emma Johnson, 1st; E. Johnson, 2nd.

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