Pie letters

Coletta Kewitt will share her thoughts and reflections on pie and life in an author talk at the Cody library at 4 p.m. on Dec. 3. 

“The Pie Letters” book signing will be at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 3 at the Cody library. Author Coletta Kewitt will be joined by artist Cynthia Weed at this free public program.

Kewitt was born to be a baker and carry on the tradition of at least three generations. She spent her childhood working alongside her parents and two siblings in her family’s bakery in Mount Vernon, Wash.

In 1991 Kewitt and her husband Michael Maier moved to Cody and started Open Box M, a business making handcrafted pochade boxes (portable easels) for artists. After Maier’s death, Kewitt expanded the company with “Pie in the Sky Artist Workshops” led by some of America’s leading plein air (outdoor) painters. It was a holistic approach to creativity and inspiration, combining learning, challenges and delicious food.

The joys of baking inspired Kewitt to formally study and earn her certificate in pastry at Bellingham Technical College in 2008. She returned to Wyoming excited to share her gifts and knowledge. She made pies for friends. She gave pies to fundraisers. She sold pies to caterers. Her pies made people smile. They made people cry. They awakened memories. They would tell Kewitt stories about pie. So, she started a “pie of the month club.”

Kewitt works as a personal chef. When not at the oven, her time is spent with her husband, Dave Kewitt, sharing their love of art and painting together outdoors and treasured time with their grown children and grandchildren.

Weed is a mixed media artist known for her unexpected combinations of words, vintage photographs and lost objects that tell a story in a defined space. 

A Wyoming native, Weed’s pieces often feature “the art of the possible.”

Objects, pictures, or bits and pieces take on a new life in her hands. Drawn to the past and to the stories of each image, she invites the viewer to ask “Where has this been, who has held it, cherished it, lost it? And how did it get to me?” 

“Working with Coletta on her book has been a great joy,” Weed said. “I often got pie.”

Weed is looking forward to showing her latest work at the Casper Nicolaysen Museum in January. The show will be titled: “For Those of You Who Missed Your Last Connection.”

Local photographer Elijah Cobb contributed his talents to the book.

Legends Bookstore will have the book for sale at the program. 

Pie will be served.

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