The Wyoming Arts Council works with the Piatigorsky Foundation to provide classical music to towns. 

Cody Library is partnering with the Cody Senior Center and the Wyoming Arts Council to host a free classical music concert at 2 p.m. on Saturday at the Cody Senior Center. 

The concert, provided by the Piatigorsky Foundation, will feature nationally renowned cellist Evan Drachman with a live piano accompaniment by Audrey Vardanega. 

Since 1990, The Piatigorsky Foundation has presented more than 3,775 performances, introducing the joy of live classical music in communities throughout the country. 

Their musicians are chosen for their artistry and ability to engage audiences through lively discussion. In performances that are both entertaining and informative, the artists share anecdotes and insights into the works they will perform. 

The Wyoming Arts Council works in partnership with the Piatigorsky Foundation to book two tours in Wyoming each year with eight different stops throughout the state. The Cody Library is happy to be selected as one of the stops for the Piatigorsky Foundation music program for 2022. However, the Library swiftly realized that they did not have access to the correct type of piano that was needed for a concert of this type. 

Thankfully, the Cody Senior Center gladly said yes to hosting the event in their venue on behalf of the library. 

The program is free and open to the public. If you’d like to know more, please contact the Cody Library at (307) 527-1880. 

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