After an outpouring of community support in December, Don Foote and Jesse Trotter built a ramp for a Cody woman who had asked for help.

It started with a plea on Cody Area Classifieds. A Cody woman with cancer and needing a wheelchair asked for help.

The response was more than she had asked for and was completed, fittingly, during the Christmas season.

Diane Hosten, who was one of the first to respond to the Facebook post from Joyce Smith and helped organize and fundraise the response, said not only was the ramp completed outside of the home, Smith has enough money left over to buy supplies to keep ice off the ramp during the winter.

“We live in Cody because we love where we live and take care of our people,” Hosten said. “People really pulled together.”

She said local contractor Don Foote agreed to build the ramp and it was finished before Christmas.

To raise money for the construction bid of $675, Hosten collected donations from people all over town, from local businesses to the Cody Soroptimists.

Hosten said it was much more than Smith had imagined when she first sent out her request.

“She just threw it out in the universe, not knowing it would really transpire,” Hosten said. 

Supporters included: Ferris Jewelry, Anne Coe-Hayes, Sandra Winninger, Silver Dollar Bar and Grill, Peter’s Cafe, Panolo Properties, Stephen and Rikki Pomajzl, David and Catherine Koziol, Mark and Jody Whitehead, Linda Bell, Ray and Jane Duvall, Julie Snelson, Scott and Laurie Stewart, Cowboy Palace, Becky, Builders First Source and Janet, Sean DeNamur Jewelers and Sandra Shearer.

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