Ted Gerber, 14, started a bicycle delivery service called Cody Pedal Power last week. Gerber can deliver almost anything for $5 that will fit into the steel box on the front of his bike.

A teen entrepreneur from Cody thinks he has found a way to make money by providing a service that helps people and the environment.

Ted Gerber launched a bicycle delivery service in the city last week and announced his new venture in an online classified ad.

“Last summer my dad and I were trying to figure out ways I could make money,” Gerber, 14, said.

“We put together my love of cycling and my love of the environment to make this.”

Gerber special-ordered a Worksman delivery bicycle from New York. It’s fitted out with a front rack and can have saddlebags mounted on the back.

“I can deliver any kind of food or packages, or you can call me for anything you need for a $5 delivery charge,” Gerber said.

His first delivery was a big block of ice.

Gerber has always loved bicycling, according to his mother, Amy Gerber, and has always been willing to work.

He had a paper route for two years and last year mowed lawns.

He can deliver documents as well.

“He’s dropped cards off at all the legal offices in town,” Amy Gerber said. “And somebody on Facebook commented this was a great service for stay-at-home moms with a sleeping toddler.”

Gerber’s Facebook page attracted 300 “likes” in three days. If that translates into business, he’s sure to become a familiar sight pedaling around town.

Gerber can be reached for business at 250-6598. At Cody Pedal Power, Gerber says, “All we burn is calories.”

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