Elizabeth Fernandez is pictured with others who worked on a dance ensemble for the University of West Florida.

Elizabeth Fernandez, executive director and founder of Rocky Mountain School of the Arts and Rocky Mountain Dance Theatre in Cody, recently returned from a trip to Pensacola, Fla. 

Fernandez was chosen as one of four choreographers to set a piece for the University of West Florida Theatre Department’s upcoming UWF Dance Ensemble performance in May.

Countless hours were spent over the course of a few days where Fernandez taught 14 dancers in the UWF Theatre program the contemporary piece she choreographed. Fernandez had the liberty of picking her own song and chose “Iron,” a song by Woodkid. UWF Dancers learned the entire work while she was in Florida. They will spend the next two months fine tuning.

Choreography is one of Fernandez’s passions. 

“Taking these types of opportunities only makes me a better teacher and artist, which in turn gives back to my dancers here in Cody, Wyoming,” she said.

While at the university, Fernandez met the theatre faculty and toured the campus and theatre department. Fernandez was invited to attend dress rehearsal and opening night of UWF’s production of “Little Mermaid,” giving her the opportunity to meet other students and staff.

For those interested in seeing the work she choreographed, “Iron” will be the eighth piece in a contemporary series Rocky Mountain Dance Theatre’s Spring Company will perform at the RMSA/RMDT’s Spring Production on May 10-11 at Wynona Thompson Auditorium.

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