Northwest College has announced which area students have made the cut and crossed the virtual stage for graduation. Congratulations, class of 2020.



Landon George, Joshua Trujillo



Nathaniel Whitham



Chloe Baker,Kalyn Beasley, Ian Crawford, Haleigh DeLeon, Maria Dupertuis, Jacklyn Green, Brett Hahn, Levi Helvey, Tawna Herrera ,Tyler Hoem ,Brittani Hunter, Austin Kennedy, Whitney Koehler, Cecelie Lopez, Justin Marchant, Madisen McDonald, Lillianna Mollett, Neal Murphy, Julia Neff, Kelsey Nguyen, Liam O’Hara, Eric Paul, Adam Preston, Jordan Sauers, Genevieve Sauers, Casey Shively, Haylee Shumard, Andrew Smith, Nicole Tarbett


Wyatt Horrocks, Mariah Mader, Jared May



Jacob Gifford, Gudelfina Mendez Perez



Emily Joy



Makaela Averett, Nathan Beal, Samantha Chambers, Cheyenne Clark, Antonio Garza, Austin Grohman, Deborah MacPeek, Mysen McArthur, Logan Nunn, Kendal Rasmussen, Brenda Silva, Kaitlin Stevens



Logan Maurer



Bossan Abdyyeva, Amanda Ambrose, Tanner Barngrover, Ethan Bell, David Benner, Brian Bessler, Kaden Bollinger, Bret Brooks, Miranda Bruins, Jessica Butz, Amanda Capps, Nathaniel Cole, Diana Coombs, Caitlyn Costa, Kacey Creed, Deasia Daugherty, Mylee Dickson, Amanda Enriquez, Jesse Erickson, Rachel Fowler, Angie Gibson, Sandra Gifford, Jesse Gilmore, Patrick Ginest, Clancy Glenn, Ellary Golumb, Sia Grovenstein, Jenna Heiser, Hailey Heitz, Marcello Henriques Souza, Krystal Herzog, Otilia Hoffman, Addison Howard, Aidan Hunt, Gabriel Katz, Treven Keeler, Antony Lewis, Sarah Liggett, Andrea Livermore, Ty McConnell, Claire Miner, Chelsea Moger, Courtney Nielson, Kerry Norris, Bethany Ouellette, Wesley Patrick, Maggie Prather, Abigail Saville, Jacinta Schneider, Ian Smith, Sasa Starkjohann, Kai Takahashi, Kylie Thomas, Ariane Thomas, Kori Turner, Cassandra Vega, Tracy Waddell, Julia Waite, Scott Wambeke, Brady Wardell, Kelsey Wardwell, Sage Whicker, Ronnie Wolfe



Antonio Rodriguez, Lucas Washington

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