Cody Regional Health launched a new comprehensive, all-inclusive cardiovascular screening clinic on March 15, 2021. The new program is called Heart Check and will be open Mondays and Wednesdays with 2 appointments available each day to start.

The goal of the clinic is to catch diseases, particular coronary artery disease, the leading cause of heart attacks, before a heart attack happens. Their team will coach people in dietary, exercise and other healthy habits.

The new screening program is recommended for women age 45 or older and men age 40 years, or for anyone with a significant history of cardiac ailments in their family. 

The screening will be a flat fee of $200 and includes:

• Lab tests (Fasting-total cholesterol, TC/HDL ratio and blood sugar)

• Calcium score – through a CT scan (leading marker for heart disease)

• ABI’s – ankle brachial index

• Weight/weight BMI

• Blood pressure

• Vascular screening – carotid and abdominal aortic ultrasounds

“Our cardiac nursing team will work directly with community members,” said cardiac center head Barb Mullaney via release. “They will help people navigate their next steps. Depending on test results, patients will be able to see our interventional cardiologist that afternoon.”

Any abnormal results provided will be the patient’s responsibility to discuss with their primary care provider.

For more information about CRH’s new Heart Check program, call (307) 578-2884.

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