A scene from a 2018 Concerts in the Park performance. Bands will return to City Park after the Fourth of July weekend every Thursday through August.

The Concerts in the Park will return in July, providing musical entertainment every Thursday until the end of summer.

Concerts start July 9 and continue through Aug. 27, with performances in Cody Park every Thursday, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

As discussed in a City Council meeting last month, the contracts for many of the bands participating in Concerts in the Park were already signed, meaning that they would have to pay them regardless of whether or not the events were cancelled.

The decision was made to go forward with the concerts, with rec center youth coordinator Kayla Rivers in charge of the planning.

Rivers said there was a scramble to reschedule. That will be her main concern for Concerts in the Park until when the concerts begin to start.

“We’re having to replace a few bands due to touring and the coronavirus,” Rivers said. “I am currently in the process of finding replacement bands to take their place.”

Since the concerts are in an outside venue, it is considered better for public health standards and there aren’t any added regulations. Despite that, it is strongly encouraged that people follow the same social distancing guidelines practiced by other businesses and organizations, just for the sake of continuing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

“We’re just going to run as normal, but we’re going to encourage people to maintain social distancing, at least six feet apart,” Rivers said. “We want people to be responsible for themselves.”

More information for Concerts in the Park is available at, and updates and info can also be found at the Rec Center Facebook page.

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