“The Crossing” art piece is one of many on display.

The Meeteetse Museums is adding evening hours for the juried show “Art of the Basin: An Artistic Rendering.” From Thursday-Saturday and Dec. 4, visitors can enjoy the free art show from 5-7 p.m.

Juried by Karen McWhorter, Curator of the Whitney Western Art Museum, and Vic Payne, noted sculptor, the show celebrates the rich artistic heritage of Northwestern Wyoming and the Bighorn Basin.

Artists with works in the show include Paul Kethley, Graham Snow, Ronda McLean, Larry Edgar, Karen McBride, Joe Thomas, Diana Scranton, and Rhonda Schmeltzer.

First, second, and third place cash prizes were donated by Cody Ace Hardware, the Wea Market of Meeteetse, and Treasured Memories. Cody Ace Hardware generously donated the cash prize of $500 for our first place winner “Encampment at Ramshorn” by Paul Kethley.

The second place prize of $250 donated by the Wea Market of Meeteetse was awarded to “Crossing the Divide” by Larry Edgar. The third place prize of $100 was awarded to “Wyoming’s Flower” by Rhonda Schmeltzer.

If artwork is purchased it must remain in the show for the duration (until December 5th).

For more information call (307) 868-2423 or email

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