Susan Kohn

The Park County commissioners’ right-hand woman has moved on from her duties. 

Susan Kohn has been the commissioners’ executive assistant since May 2018. During that time she handled the board’s scheduling and communications with outside state and federal agencies, and fielded calls from constituents.

“It was challenging,” Kohn said. “I always like being a step ahead. You always have to be as an assistant.” 

Kohn was adopted and grew up in the Los Angeles area. She came to Wyoming in her adult life.

She started her job with the commissioners after working for former U.S. Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.) and the Montana Office of Public Instruction as a senior office administrator. She moved to Park County to be closer to her mother. 

Still, she said like any new job, there’s always a learning curve. Many commissioners remark that starting their job is a lot like trying to drink from a fire hose, a reflection of how many issues the board deals with on a weekly basis. Kohn got an up-close and personal look at this and the many challenges and opportunities affecting the constituents of Park County.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Park County became eligible for a large amount of financial assistance from the federal government. Kohn was given a major role applying for grants on behalf of the county. Since spring 2020, Kohn has helped facilitate the transfer of $4.55 million in funds to county coffers. 

“I never did that before with the federal level,” she said.

Being an effective assistant also meant learning the personal styles of each commissioner she worked for. This involved their level and style of communication, their personal habits and schedule tendencies, their strengths and weaknesses of knowledge, and preferences for style of governing. 

She credits former commissioner Loren Grosskopf and longtime commissioner Joe Tilden with helping her the most due to their many years spent on the job. 

“Just because they knew the history of the board and the knowledge they possessed,” she said. “Joe is still here – the history he knows. He knows the back history on everything.”

Kohn has moved to Garland Light and Power where she will serve as a secretary. She is also planning to purchase land in Powell with her daughter Amanda Robertson, and they plan to run an RV park. 

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