John McCall v. Best of the West Productions LLC, Huskemaw Optics LLC, Jack Peterson; It was determined that March 3, 2018 will be the date that the special master should apply when establishing the fair market value of the plaintiff’s membership interest in the companies. A second and additional date shall be set for determination of fair market value of the plaintiff’s membership interest in the companies should the court later conclude that the plaintiff’s membership interest was unlawfully terminated. McCall is suing Best of the West for more than $100,000. He is claiming he guaranteed and secured a more than $50,000 loan for Best of the West in his name while with the company, but the company defaulted on the loan because of mismanagement. He alleges he became responsible for paying the loan because of such. McCall is demanding Best of the West be dissolved, the company be prohibited from selling assets during the suit and he be financially compensated. Best of the West has filed a counterclaim against McCall.

Heavens Peak Behavioral Health Services, Inc. and Trinity Teen Solutions Inc. v. Rashidah Taylor-Senior; A summons could not be served to Taylor-Senior in August. The plaintiffs are accusing the defendant of fraud in that she allegedly kept and possibly cashing checks intended by her insurance company to be paid over to the plaintiffs for the cost of their providing services to a minor. They are suing for $81,596.52 plus 2% interest.


State v. Natasha Hutchins; Hutchins admitted to testing positive for meth 4 times and failing to show up for her bed date at Volunteers of America in time. She was found in contempt of court. She is scheduled for a 2:30 p.m. Oct. 22 sentencing hearing.

Hutchins had been ordered to enroll in Park County Drug Court within 5 days of an Aug. 5 evidentiary hearing with a 30-day suspended jail sentence. She was sentenced to 1 year supervised probation and ordered to enter the Park County Drug Court program in February after she was found guilty for criminal contempt related to a juvenile case.

State v. Elizabeth Boluyt aka Elizabeth Blount; Boluyt admitted to violating her probation. Her probation was revoked and she was sentenced to 3-5 years in prison with credit for 146 days served. She must pay back the $390 she admitted to stealing from a wallet turned in to her while working at the Good2Go gas station. Boluyt was sentenced in March 2019 to 5 years supervised probation and $800 in court fees for possessing meth in the presence of a child. She was found possessing meth in her vehicle during a December 2019 traffic stop in Powell while her infant child was in the car with her.

State v. Winter Killsnight; Killsnight had her pretrial conference delayed to Jan. 7 and jury trial to Feb. 17. She is charged with 2 counts of conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary, conspiracy to commit theft, 2 counts of aggravated burglary, robbery of property valued $1,000 or more, aggravated fleeing or eluding officers, felonies carrying up to 125 years in prison and $230,000 in fines. She is also facing a misdemeanor for possession of controlled substance meth, a charge carrying up to 12 months in prison and a $1,000 fine. Killsnight is accused of stealing items and being involved in a police chase which went from Cody to Powell and back again in March.

State v. Mia Padilla; Padilla is accused of possession of a controlled substance, her third or subsequent offense, a charge carrying up to 5 years in prison and $5,000 in fines. She is accused of possessing drug paraphernalia and a marijuana soda during a police visit to her Powell home in July.

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