Mrs. Wyoming

Miss Wyoming for America Miranda Sears (from left), Mrs. Wyoming America Cassandra Yoder and Mrs. Wyoming American Bree McMullan will all travel to Las Vegas for the national competition. 

A Clark woman is the new Mrs. Wyoming America after winning a recent virtual pageant, and now she wants to use her platform to help people, especially teenagers, to make good choices.

Cassandra Yoder will be representing Wyoming at the Mrs. America pageant in Las Vegas, along with her two fellow Wyoming pageant winners Miss Wyoming for America Miranda Sears, and Mrs. Wyoming American Bree McMullan, both from Green River. 

The pageant started in 1938 and, Yoder said, originally focused more on domestic tasks, but now represents the “modern woman.” It includes an interview, evening gown, swimsuit and on stage – this year Zoom – question. 

“It was cool, we had judges from all over, but I missed the sisterhood you get with it in person,” she said. “I’ve been competing the last five years and it really came to fruition this year.”

Yoder finished as the runner-up last year and said she also did pageants in her home state of Kansas, where she worked as a high school science teacher. She, along with her husband and son, moved to Clark in 2020 after deciding the area was beautiful and Wyoming was the best place to raise children.

Yoder, who said she’s a recovered alcoholic and has been sober nine years, wants to spread her knowledge of how to overcome difficulties, something she’s already been doing as the creator of the Live it Well initiative, which encourages people to make positive changes in their lives.

“I’ve spoken all over the country, from a Girl Scout troop to a maximum security prison,” she said. “Now I want to focus in on teens and young adults in Wyoming, because many are vulnerable to alcohol and other issues.”

She said she has big plans for working around the state this year, including speaking to congressional members and being a resource in the community.

“This really means a lot to me,” she said. “And I look forward to celebrating our Western heritage, too.”

The 2022 pageant will be at the end of June. Any lady interested in competing can email

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