Even in a pandemic, the show must go on. Following in the footsteps of the choirs and bands at Cody High School, the CHS drama club is moving forward with a production of its own. Performing perhaps the most famous play in Western history, the teens in the drama club have been working hard to memorize their Elizabethan lines to bring William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” to life this weekend.

The story is classic: boy meets girl from the wrong family, boy falls in love, families fight and die. A classic tale of love and woe, set in fair Verona. The play is Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. at Wynona Thompson Auditorium.

“This year, the themes from the show are we need to love our neighbor and put our feuds aside,” said drama club director Annamarie Victor. “Romeo and Juliet” talks about what hatred can do to children. They just want to be in love in this world that tells them to hate each other.

“It’s not political but it’s definitely a message Cody needs right now.”

The pandemic brought plenty of challenges to putting on the show, Victor said. Learning to project voices through a face mask, determining how many people could be in the theater, even justifying having a performance at all.

“Theater helps to teach us empathy and helps to put us in the shoes of someone else,” Victor said. “It’s really important for us in difficult times to have theater.”

One hundred people can attend the performance to be held in the Wynona Thompson Auditorium on Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. Tickets are and free, first-come, first-serve, though the performance will also be available as a livestream from Friday to Sunday night.

Though the performance is free, donations are appreciated. Families of the actors will have a chance to see a dress rehearsal performance on Thursday night. All audience members will be required to wear face masks for the duration of the performance.

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