World champion Bill Smith of Cody competes in the 1969 Cody Stampede.

50 years ago, here are some stories that were printed in the Enterprise July 1, 1970.


‘Best Ever’ Is Prediction For 1970 Cody Stampede

President Bun Sporer asserted that the 51st year of the Buffalo Bill Cody Stampede would be the “biggest and best ever” after plans were finalized. Featured attractions included the rodeo, large parades every day, evening street entertainment, the Kastl Shows carnival and a 36-hole golf tournament at Olive-Glenn Golf Course. The Cody Stampede would conclude with a $1,500 fireworks display, shot from the Buffalo Bill Statue.


We Need Help! Goppert Says

“We need your help,” says Chamber of Commerce president Ernest Groppert, Jr. “We need the help of every retailer, every service station operator, every motel operator and every businessman in the Cody Country.”

The help needed was to help sell the Buffalo Bill Medallions, special novelty souvenirs sold at $1 each from multiple businesses to raise money for the Chamber, particularly to support promotional expenses. The businesses selling were Bob Morre Realty, Custom Standard, Pacific Power, the Colonial Inn and the Chamber Office, but Groppert hoped to get more.


Two Jailed In Powell Theft

The previous Wednesday, two North Carolina men were arrested in connection with the theft of $700 from E. H. Walrath and Sons’ bean mill in Powell. The men were picked up by sheriff’s officers in Cody Friday evening being seen driving a stolen vehicle with North Carolina plates.

The two were arraigned and charged with breaking and entering and possession of burglary tools. Each was jailed under a $1,500 cash bond.


Proefrock Plays On All U.S. Army Thailand Softball Team

Army Spc. Richard W. Proefrock, husband of Kathryn Frost Proefrock of Rumsey Avenue and a former University of Wyoming baseball player was selected for the All U.S. Army Thailand softball team. The team played in the All U.S. Army Pacific softball tournament at Schoefield Barracks, Hawaii in late June.

Before joining the army, he was an elementary school teacher in Cody. As a clerk typist for the 599th Ordnance Co. at Camp Vayama, he played for the Sattahip Sabers representing Camp Vayama and Camp Samae San. It was playing for the Sabers he was chosen after playing a tournament at Camp Friendship.


Letters to the Editor: To the People of Cody, Wy.

Mrs. George Jung of Madison, Wisconsin traveled through Cody with her husband on June 18, and by chance happened to hear of the rodeo on the radio, and the couple decided to attend. Despite finding everything about Cody and the rodeo enjoyable, the one thing she disliked was witnessing a rodeo rider abusing his horse in front of the whole audience, presumably after blaming the horse for ruining his lassoing of a calf. Jung felt sorry for the families and children present, and wanted to know what Cody and the rodeo was going to do about it.


George Washington Brown ... Last of the Six-Horse Stage Drivers

At 92 years old, George Washington Brown detailed his life as a 16-year-old Western wagon driver in the late 1800s. Early in the article, he detailed how as often he carried his Winchester rifle, he hardly ever brandished it seriously against outlaws, and never killed anyone, unlike how the West was portrayed in then modern TV with people getting shot frequently. Brown even said he didn’t believe Butch Cassidy ever killed anyone, recalling an anecdote where Cassidy shot the heads off of the chickens of a rancher, told her to cook them for him and then gave her $20.

Brown told some experiences of his multi-horse wagon teams, up to 24 horses at one time, surviving as a mail deliverer in winter and the kinds of people he would transport across the West. 

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