The Park County Travel Council is seeking images from local photographers and videographers to promote the county. Visit for more information. (Courtesy photo)

Shutterbugs across Park County have a chance to cash in on their most beautiful shots and clips as part of a Park County Travel Council initiative seeking outdoor recreation images to help bring visitors to the area. 

The Park County Gram Slam – seeking your best Instagram-worthy images – runs now through Oct. 29. It is an open call for submissions from area amateur and professional photographers and videographers. Travel Council members will pick their favorites and pay a “Park County Bounty” of $250-$500 for work that highlights outdoor recreation or lesser-known “hidden gem” destinations throughout the county.

“We have tons of great photos and videos highlighting the major front-facing attractions throughout Park County,” Travel Council Executive Director Ryan Hauck said. “Now, as we are working to also make potential visitors more aware of our great outdoor recreation and backcountry opportunities, we’re looking to build a library of work we can use to showcase the best natural beauty our area has to offer. 

“This will help us disperse visitors to less-crowded areas, and build our winter, spring and fall seasons when things aren’t as busy.”

The Travel Council has set aside up to $10,000 in CARES funding to purchase photos and videos for use in its marketing efforts, Hauck said. Images of hard-to-reach places, wildlife and scenery are all eligible for consideration

“Our board believes no one else knows and loves places like Kirwin, the Thorofare, Upper Sunlight Basin, the Wood River and all our other beautiful remote spots like local residents do,” Hauck said. “So we’re asking locals especially to send us their most beautiful photos and videos – the kind of stuff they share on Instagram with their friends – so we can show off those secret treasures to visitors.”

Image ideas include climbing, kayaking, stand-up paddle-boarding, mountain biking, ice climbing, backpacking, yoga, skiing/boarding, snowmobiling, fishing, hunting, boating and just about anything outside with cute pets and kids.

Hauck said the Park County Gram Slam isn’t a contest or sweepstakes, and that anyone who submits work is eligible for consideration. Participants should submit high-resolution still photos or high-definition videos 5-20 seconds in length to 

Contributors will own their photos, but the Travel Council will be allowed to use them in marketing Park County as a travel destination. 

Submission guidelines and additional details are available at, or email for assistance.

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Dewey Vanderhoff

Now that PCTC has the easy virus relief money , they suddenly are offering to actually pay a photographer for his work.

Trust me, for the past 30 years I have tried and tried and failed to get the Chamber and the Travel COuncil and tourist moguls to appreciate the value of good photography and show that appreciation by buying the rights or licenses to fine imagery . It was an exercise in futility for the most part. So grant me my ten foot pole of skepticism that leads me to say I'll believe it when I see it happen . Meanwhile I have 4,000 photos uploaded into albums online at FLICKR. Search for me by name, or navigate to Planet Cody and see what you've been missing since the late 1960's. Lots of astounding photography at FLICKR, not just mine.

For a town that sings the praises of woodshop craftsman who will sell you a handmade cafe chair for $ 10,000 or a Molesworth knockoff sofa for $ 25,000 ... or an easel artist's paint by number photorealist ' real western ' oil painting for $ 30,000 ( some 'painted' from my reference photos sketched in on gesso from a slide projector ! ) , it has NEVER been easy to convince Cody that working Photographers deserve at least some of the respect granted to a plumber or electrician for the illustrative work done. It would be nirvana if Cody travel merchants actually thought of photography as a fungible art form alongside paintings , bronzes, and western furniture. I might even live long enough to see that in my one and only home town.

Let me know when that happens, please. I all but gave up trying to sell photography-as-travel promotion in Cody . Proprietors want you to GIVE them photos in exchange for a photo credit , like they are generously doing me a huge favor---Not ! Maybe because you can't swing a dead Raccoon in this town without smacking someone with a cellphone taking photos for publication ( usually real estate, but that is a topic for another day )

Pay for photography ? What a radical notion .

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