Thanks to support from the community, the Cody Crisis Intervention Services office is open again as 2022 starts.

Lisa Peterman, executive director of Crisis Intervention Services announced the reopening of the Cody office at the start of December, as well as the promotion of CIS staffer Alaina Doely to assistant director.

The Cody office is located at 1220 13th St. The new Cody office phone number is (307) 272-4754.

The reopening of the office came at the end of a tough nearly two years.

“The COVID-19 pandemic hit all non-profit agencies like CIS hard, especially as it came at the same time as Wyoming’s economy took a turn for the worse,” Peterman said.

On July 1, 2021, CIS experienced $64,000 in funding cuts. Steps were taken to mitigate this loss by reducing staff by one to four. Additionally, all phone lines at the Cody office have been shut off since Aug. 1.

The CIS Powell office is now the main office for Park County Crisis Intervention Services with Powell staff member Doely now assistant director. She has a bachelor’s in psychology from UW and has been employed by CIS since April 2014.

“CIS at its core, has always been about empowering our clients to succeed,” Peterman said. “However, I see empowerment of our staff as an extension of our overall goals. Alaina is a dedicated and valuable member of our team at CIS. I am excited to see her excel in her career goals.”

During the last few months, the CIS Cody office was open by appointment only. Now there are two staff located in the Powell office and one working in Cody, with the executive director splitting time between offices.

CIS was been able to mitigate funding losses with three separate Wyoming Community Foundation grants totaling $13,700 and $2,500 from the Christ Episcopal Church “Bargain Box” as well as from the Rocky Mountain Power Foundation.

“Our fundraisers continue to do well,” Peterman said. “The 2020 Powell Golf Tournament garnered $16,034 and our 2021 Powell Golf Tournament garnered $13,680”.

The 2020 Craft Fair was cancelled due to COVID concerns and restrictions on public events. However, Peterman said anonymous donors still raised $11,330 in donations and the most recent Crisis Intervention Craft Fair raised another $10,200.

The Powell office, located at 335 N. Gilbert, will remain CIS’ main office and will house the 24-hour crisis line.

“Appointments will still be encouraged at both offices, as we are still unable to fully staff both facilities” said Peterman.

The four CIS staff travel throughout Park County to provide services to clients and provide public education programs. Therefore, CIS facilities are not always open to the public 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday thru Friday.

Crisis Intervention Services is a private, non-profit corporation that helps victims of domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault and their children cope with the initial crisis and aftermath of these violent crimes. CIS began providing services in Park County in January 1982. Donations can be made to CIS via PayPal on its website The 24-hour crisis line may be reached by calling (877) 864-9688.

All CIS services are free and confidential and include:

• 24-hour crisis line is staffed by “crisis line” volunteers and staff.

• Crisis line volunteers are trained advocates for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

• The toll-free crisis line number is 1-877-864-9688.

Callers receive empathy and peer counseling support for their crisis as well as a chance to discuss their options and receive information and referral pertinent to their individual situation.

CIS volunteers and staff are trained advocates for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. This specialized unit of staff and volunteers meet face-to-face with victims at CIS offices, area hospitals and law enforcement centers. Additionally, these advocates provide crisis intervention at the scene of the crime when requested and accompanied by law enforcement.

Safe house services are available in Powell. The CIS safe house is equipped with security systems and provides food, clothing and personal care items. Additionally, CIS may provide motel rooms as needed for victims who cannot stay in the shelter logistically, for safety reasons or because of overcrowding.

Emergency transportation is provided for CIS clients by staff to CIS safe houses, area motels, court and legal appointments, area hospitals and law enforcement centers. CIS safe house residents are provided transportation to schools, social services, and medical and legal appointments.

Social Service Advocacy is provided to CIS clients through a system of mutual referral to and from social service agencies, substance abuse and professional counseling services that includes transportation to these services.

Medical Advocacy is provided to CIS clients through a system of mutual referral to and from medical services that includes transportation to these services and service provision at CIS shelters.

Emergency legal advocacy is provided by CIS staff for the filing of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking protection orders. Advocates provide assistance in filling out and filing paperwork and provide accompaniment and support at court hearings.

Criminal justice support provided by CIS involves explaining the criminal justice process to victims of crime throughout all stages of criminal proceedings.

Empathy, peer support and an orientation to the criminal justice system as well as accompaniment to court for intimidation intervention is provided.

Victim rights are provided to all victims under the Victim’s Bill of Rights. CIS staff provides victims with access to Victim’s Compensation funds which can help provide reimbursement for medical and some other expenses that occurred as a result of a crime which was committed in Wyoming.

Child Advocacy/Supervised Visitation and Custody Exchange program are provided by staff and crisis line volunteers in Powell. CIS workers are trained to supervise visitations and exchanges of children between their custodial and non-custodial parents. Supervised visitations and custody exchanges of children are mostly court-ordered to this program, but can be voluntary at the request of parents and their attorneys.

CIS staff can also assist clients in parenting education, parenting plans and safety planning for children. The mission of the CIS Supervised Visitation and Custody Exchange program is to provide a community-based project designed for supervised family visitations and/or neutral exchanges of children to increase the quality and quantity of parenting time between non-custodial parents and their children.

Life Skills Training is provided to CIS regular clients, shelter residents and support group attendees. This program provides clients with help in safety planning, parenting plans, resume writing, job search, housing search, interviewing skills, meal preparation/cooking skills, laundry/household cleaning skills, household budgeting, debt management, filing paperwork for DFS Programs, Child Support Enforcement, Vocational Rehabilitation and Job Service.

Peer support groups are offered for victims of domestic violence.

Prevention and educational programs are provided by CIS staff to community groups, other helping agencies, local government and schools for a collaborative community response and awareness of the issues of domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault.

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