To the editor:

Concerning your story about clauses in homeowners’ covenants: There were many towns in the U.S. that had these, including the famous “Levittown” in New York City. 

As a historian, I recently read a book by James W. Loewen which investigates the history of “Sundown Towns.” In these towns, people of color were not allowed to stay in the towns after sundown. Even today, the most well-known sundown town, Anna, Ill., has very few black people who live there. 

The book is filled with stories like Wes and Melissa Allen’s as well as a wealth of information on Sundown towns which were all over the U.S. If you use Wikipedia to find Anna, you can find several good articles listed in the reference materials, particularly No. 15 by Jaffe, which deals with Anna today. 

Who knew that Southerners were not the only ones to refuse to allow people of color in their towns .... Jim Crow was everywhere. 

(s) linda orrell


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Justin Smith

Jim Crow still alive and well. Voter suppression efforts by Republicans in more than half the states right now. Then there is the nonsense in Georgia.

You really have to ask yourself conservatives, if the only way to win is by stopping other people from participating then are you really on the right side?

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