To the editor:

I could not be more proud of the courageous stand Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow took in defying the introduction of the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory in Wyoming schools.

As a Sheridan County School District No. 3 school board member and mother of two future Wyoming students, I stand with the overwhelming majority of Wyoming parents; we love America and our heritage.

We know that tomorrow’s leaders fill our school rooms. They must be equipped with absolute truth and guided by wisdom, not indoctrinated by the claims of systemic racism and a misinterpretation of our country’s history.

Wyomingites are committed to our families and communities. We know that the best place for young people to shape their worldview and opinions is under the guidance of their parents. We know that we are blessed by amazing teachers and school staff in Wyoming. We shouldn’t burden them with any more responsibilities than teaching our children subject matter. It is our duty as parents to teach our children social norms.

In Wyoming, we are clear-thinking individuals and do not need anyone to train us on how to approach social issues. We analyze the world with reason and logic. We don’t toe the line for anyone. We honor our forefathers. We know that brave men and women were willing to, and many did, give their lives for our freedom. We are proud of our state and nation. We love our families and see our future and our legacies when we see the spark in their eyes.

In a time when many are afraid to speak against the bullhorn-toting minority, Jillian Balow provided a refreshing dose of courage. Let’s stand with her and encourage her efforts to support Wyoming families.

(s) trinity lewis

Arvada, Wyoming

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Jim Guelde

Crackpot ideas such as the “1619 Project” as well as mass immigration without assimilation are rapidly destroying what little remains of our common culture. We are becoming less and less a nation and more like what Teddy Roosevelt described as a “polyglot boardinghouse of squabbling nationalities (and races)”. Look no further than the streets of New York City, where hordes of mideastern immigrants have brought their ancient hatreds and tribal grievances to our neighborhoods as part of their “diversity “… or Minneapolis, where mobs burned and looted for a sold year. “Riots are the language of the unheard”… we were told as the mostly peaceful fires burned.

Not a single American has either owned a slave or been a slave since 1865… one hundred and fifty six years ago. Ask yourself how the black community would react if a white republican mayor would publicly state that no interviews would be given except to white journalists. That same pledge from the black democrat mayor of Chicago drew only silence from our primarily leftist media and the democrat politicians.

The search for white guilt has even entered the military. I have two very close relatives serving on active military duty. Both express the growing resentment and alarm at the placing of diversity and racial “equity” over skill and experience.

A very wise man warned us that “ We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

Dewey Vanderhoff

There are great differences between Education and Indoctrination.

Those differences are nowhere apparent in this letter.

One person's claims of systemic racism and misinterpretation of American history is another person's recognition of sytemic denial , manifested as both as revisionist history and/or censorship.

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