To the editor:

Cannabis is coming to Wyoming. WASCOP & PMO know it. The Powell police chief admonished the Rotary Club to make themselves knowledgeable on the subject because they will have to address it in the near future.

I suggest the same. Educate thyselves. Speak with someone who has used the herb to treat serious disease – not someone who knows some Fox News sound bites. Read peer reviewed journal articles and not NIDA or HIDTA propaganda. Recently, the website “About Cannabis” page was updated with 18 new links to randomized, placebo-controlled, crossover trials, studies on smoked and vaporized cannabis, studies on pain and spasticity and digestion and links to groups such as the American Cancer Society,

Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, the American Nurses Association, and now the American Legion all support access to medicinal cannabis. Most of the U.S. has approved it, more states will in November, and it will be here soon.

To those who fear commercial cannabis, know that the best way to guarantee the most time isolated is actually to get the Peggy A. Kelley Wyoming Cannabis Act on the 2018 ballot. If successful, no group will be able to petition for a cannabis initiative for years (five, I believe …); by then the feds will have ended prohibition nationally.

If unsuccessful, the next group will be back in 2017 pushing a new initiative. It is almost sure to have commercial cannabis included, and it will probably be pushed by paid circulators from a group like MPP.

(s) bennett sondeno


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