To the editor:

The evening of Sept. 19 we attended an art event we will never forget.

It was not the annual BBAS art auction. It was the premier of an exceptional film dealing with abortion. This film has been created by a group of very talented individuals committed to providing a balanced view of the truth about this fundamental issue.

Cody was able to have this premier because one of the driving forces behind this effort is a courageous, gifted resident of Cody – Elizabeth “Betsy” Ryzewicz.

All of Cody should ask to see what Betsy and her team have produced regardless what they think they believe.

The Enterprise, other mediums of communication, educators and the leadership of this community should join together to make this thought-provoking film available to everyone who lives here.

Risking exposure to a thoughtful discussion on a difficult topic is what responsible communities do.

(s) john gordnier & cindy katz


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In journalism it is called the 5 W Rule... who where what when why ... the essentials of reporting on something require all five. You gave use exactly 1.5 of those here - a tangential refereece to some person named Betsy and a proximate date , now past

Is there a reason the film has no name, the principal person not descripted for qualification , the venue is/was not disclosed nor circumstanced , and any further opportunities to see it not mentioned even though you insist we should ? How would we know ?

I feel like this letter is either a game of dodgeball , or dancing around something in the dark .

Jim Jones

My God! Despite Dewey's rather inarticulate attempt at English (...the principal person not descripted for qualification...), I agree with him!

What is the point of publishing this letter? The reader can only discern one clue about this monumental movie: it is obviously pro-abortion as are all documentaries or articles on the subject claiming neutrality. The Enterprise has devolved into Seinfield. It is a newspaper that reports nothing.

Joe Battin

If it is so bad... quit reading it and commenting about it. By now the public is well aware of negative feelings toward the reporting. As I have asked before... step up to the plate and raise the level of reporting.


I prefer to teach my children at home instead of watching a provocative movie

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