To the editor:

I am responding to Steve Wood’s letter “Cheney needs to be recalled for actions.”

The people sent to Washington to represent each state are NOT mandated to support the President no matter what. The following are the Constitutional Requirements for these elected officials:

1. Making laws;

2. Representing the people and helping constituents;

3. Raising revenue, providing public money and overseeing its proper expenditure;

4. Providing for the common defense – declaring war and maintaining and regulating the military;

5. Providing for the general welfare;

6. Regulating commerce among states and foreign nations;

7. Establishing the federal court system and defining federal crimes;

8. Advising and consenting to treaties and appointments of judges and federal officials;

9. Oversight of the executive branch.

These elected officials are there to represent all people of their states, not one party or the other. They are there to make the best decisions for all, not a select few and not to blindly follow the party. 

Everyone has the right to think for themselves and make decisions for right and wrong. Trying to punish someone for standing up and speaking out for what they believe, especially when it is not your belief, is totally wrong.

When a crime has been committed, the person or persons should be held accountable, but not with made-up charges. As a nation, we need to stop the partisanship and conspiracy theories and do what is right for the people, Wyoming and the United States.

We need to move on and deal with now and the future.

(s) Sharon Reed Smith


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