To the editor:

In a recent Facebook campaign video, rancher/attorney Harriet Hageman promotes herself as someone who “rides for the brand.” The question is, whose brand does she ride for? The only accomplishments touted in the ad are her litigation for fellow ranchers. What has she done for anyone else in Wyoming? 

She continues to exhibit a disturbing willingness to fight against non-ranchers. Currently, she is viciously suing the people of Wyoming as she litigates for the rights of a Colorado- based asphalt company. 

Apparently, the Colorado brand appealed to her. Since 2001, she has continued to fight against protection of Wyoming open lands (which also benefits ranchers), earning her the title of Wicked Witch of the West by an opponent. Her response was to dress in a witchy costume, ostensibly to be provocative.

Hageman’s apparent bias against non-ranchers is troubling. While ranchers are extremely important, we need someone who is working for all of us. We need to be wary of someone who claims to ride for the brand, when she’s really riding a broom.

(s) george hahn


(3) comments

Jim Guelde

If the Wyoming citizenry got off their rear end and paid as much attention to what the state government is doing as they do to the UW football team…. But wait.. I digress.

Tom Conners

Most sane folks know where her loyalty lies. It is not rocket science.

Trey Martinson

Excellent letter, Mr. Hahn. the only brand this woman rides for his her own, and a very select few high rollers. The rest of the citizens, well, she's pretty "meh"

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