Wyoming Outdoorsmen would like to respond to the billboards around Cody and possibly other communities in the state put up by the Wyoming Wildlife Advocates.  

While the grizzly bear picture is beautiful, the message is not responsible advertising. It states “Live Wildlife brings jobs to Wyoming. Our economy needs Grizzlies now more than ever.” 

We feel this is another “ploy” being used by anti-hunting groups to get funding and support from the unsuspecting public traveling through our community. Most of the visitors to Wyoming have no idea of the problems created by grizzlies due to the lack of control and management that has resulted from the grizzly being kept on the endangered species list. 

Billboards such as these, and advocate groups with hundreds of thousands of dollars, continue to play on the emotions of the people and derail any responsible management of grizzlies put forth by the State of Wyoming.

Wyoming is probably one of the most unique states in the United States with our diverse species of wildlife. The Game and Fish Department has done an outstanding job of management of numbers based on science and by utilizing hunting programs as a management tool to achieve proper population goals. Just as with game animals, the numbers of predator species must also be controlled by science-based management objectives.  

Not long ago, a term was coined in the field of wildlife management.  It is called “cultural carrying capacity” and refers to the number of animals of any species that people will tolerate cohabiting the same living space. Grizzly bears in Northwest Wyoming exceeded their “cultural carrying capacity” some time ago as evidenced by the attitudes and measures all reasonable outdoor enthusiasts (not just hunters and anglers) must take into consideration before venturing into the outdoors; carrying bear spray, foghorns, whistles and firearms in anticipation of a very likely grizzly encounter.

Jobs are not being “created” because of the grizzly, and our economy certainly won’t grow because of the grizzly. Finances are being pushed to the limit to comply with the federal requirements placed on Wyoming. 

Wyoming has been burdened by the expense of keeping the grizzlies and the public safe. Instead of simply euthanizing problem bears killing livestock or even attacking people, offering a $10,000 license and a list of drawn hunters on call, would put responsible control into the hands of the state and at least problem bears would provide some recovery funds for G&F.

Advocate groups put few dollars, if any, into the management of the grizzly. Their dollars seem to go to billboards, propaganda to raise funds, and lawsuits to keep the grizzly listed. A little common sense on the part of advocate groups would go a long way in allowing the G&F, who work on a daily basis in the field and have first-hand knowledge of what is needed, to do their jobs and manage “all wildlife” in Wyoming.


(The Wyoming Outdoorsmen consists of a coalition of sportsmen and sportswomen established to promote the improvement of hunting, fishing, trapping, quality habitat programs)

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Paul C

Agree. These tree loving folk dont know a thing or two what its like to live in the woods and have a griz chase you..or kill a cow.

Gunrunner Auctions

If the Wyoming Outdoorsman group feels so strongly about these "grizzly billboards", why don't THEY put up some themselves? I've spent $30,000 countering these anti-hunting billboards myself.... The Wyoming Outdoorsman is holding all of our banquet money without a banquet, so they're plenty flush. Put that money to use! Instead of promoting anti-gun/anti-hunting candidates, let's see them fight the antis for a change!

Wyoming resident

I wish the tree huggers would go for a walk in the mountains in Wyoming and have a grizzly chase them. Then they would find out how many grizzlies we have around here and how dangerous it is. We need to start thinning out the grizzlies and open bear season here.

Johnny Sackramoni

Hear that. Every time I leave my house...its like a tick...or a bear chasing me.. dang bears.

Johnny Sackramoni

Walk in the mountains all the time. Probably w more bears then where you live....they aint coming out of no where chasing ppl....its not dangerous and I sure the heck hope your post was meant to be a joke....cause it really is.

Paul C

Exactly. And they took ma cows.


Well said! I just want to add to this line, "Advocate groups put few dollars, if any, into the management of the grizzly. Their dollars seem to go to billboards, propaganda to raise funds, and lawsuits to keep the grizzly listed." I'm sure that the people running these organizations are lining their pockets as well.

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