To the editor:

I am in the age bracket that the medics say have the greatest chance of being affected by the coronavirus.

I am concerned by that but cannot bring myself to the extremes witnessed in the past two weeks in the shopping stores. To see people, walk out of the store with five and six cartons of water, or 40 rolls of toilet paper. It is pure hysteria.

One would think the world was going to end in the next few weeks – and, if it were to, what good are such hysterical actions?

The common flu has infected and killed more people since the beginning of the current strain, yet people are ignoring that fact. Almost every medical comment ties this new strain with “other pre-existing causes.”

As a point, to my knowledge no deaths have been attributed to the coronavirus as the single cause of death. In short, it can be a contributing factor, but hasn’t yet proven to be the only cause.

To witness the hysteria in the stores is a sad commentary on the ability of people to think clearly and understanding the situation. In too many cases it is flight before fight.

(s) ray floyd


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Right on, Ray. The president said a few weeks ago that this would soon be down to zero, a miracle. More people die from hang nails. Anything to the contrary is simply fake news.


hang nail? what country are you living in? LOL

Disgusted taxpayer

You have to admit it is comical to watch herds of people act like sheep.


Amen, brother, amen.

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