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Jake Nash

hmm, I think the establishment is getting a little worried..............

Scott Steward

Choose Wisely

In 31 years of law enforcement with the Park County Sheriff's Office and 17 years as your elected sheriff, under 3 separate prosecuting attorneys, I have never met a harder and more knowledgeable prosecutor than Bryan Skoric.

As sheriff and over seeing Park County's largest liability , the jail, I have interacted multiple times with Park County Attorney Bryan Skoric in uncountable civil issues and he has proven to have solid knowledge and advise that has kept Park County out of numerous lawsuits. Not one successful or even tried lawsuit.

Bryan Skoric has successfully prosecuted State v. Speer for the kidnapping and sexual assault of a minor resulting in life plus 30 years. State v. Friday, murder with a life sentence. State v. Hammer and Vanpelt, murder of 3 people, life without parole. And successfully secured 3 plea agreements for the murder, be heading and dismembering of a local resident. All the time saving hundreds of thousands of Park County dollars in trial cost.

Bryan Skoric is a proven Prosecuting Attorney not some disgruntled ex-employee. With Bryan's experience as a Prosecuting Attorney and years of experience as the Deputy Wyoming Attorney General it only makes sense that he is the only choice for Park County as our Park County Attorney.

In my nearly 40 years of knowing Bryan I have never met a more honest and ethical human being. Nor, have I met a prosecutor more dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of the residents of Park County.

Bryan Skoric was born and raised in Park County with 2 boys and a wife who is a school teacher here is Park County. Ask yourself, do you want a proven experienced County Attorney or someone that's held multiple jobs in the past 10 years spewing idle promises and negativity?


Scott A Steward

Ray Ladd

career politician needs to get the gumption to try and make it in the private sector. No good comes from an entitled and perennially elected officials. Too bad that his challenger shouldn't be county attorney, also. Would someone PLEASE stand up and run as an "I" and send those two down the road?

Matt Winslow

Bryan’s a good man and an excellent county attorney.

Jeremy Pogue

of course you insiders support Skoric.

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