To the editor:

Have you ever gone to the polls and voted for a candidate based on something you read online, who has the most interesting name, or who had the most yard signs in the community?

Have you voted against or in favor of judges or taxes that you knew nothing about? I’m afraid this happens more often than not.

Why would someone cast an uneducated vote? Are they too busy to do the research on the candidates, do they not know where to look to find the information, or could it be that they are too afraid to pick up the phone and call the candidate?

When you cast an uneducated vote, you risk losing your freedom of speech, you can lose the freedom to decide what career path you’ll follow, you can lose access to diverse ideas and education, you can lose your ability to possess private property or to own your own business. You can lose the ability to live in a lawful and safe society, and protect the lives of those you love.

If you love America and what it stands for, then please do the work, get to know which candidate best holds the same values as you do, look into their background, talk to people who know them well, find out if their talk agrees with their walk? Make a list of what issues matter most to you, pick up the phone and call them.

Contact information can be found at elections, 2020 candidates filings. Go to events where they will be and ask them where they stand on those issues. Log onto, scroll down the page to Legislation and look at the bills that were voted on. Let’s change America by all becoming informed voters.

(s) julie geving


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