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Scott Weber

So there was good old dope boy Hunter Biden standing by his father during the Inaugural. What could possibly go wrong in Biden's administration? Foreshadowing for the worst president in recent history (yes, even worse than Carter or Billy "Monica" Clinton). All three horrific international embarrassments.... Thanks Hunter!

P.S. - Anyone else would have gone to prison for lying on a fed document like a 4473 and putting a live handgun in the trash, but not this nut case....

Scott Conger

I vote for Sainthood for Hunter. Sitting on all of those BOD with no experience in any of those businesses, turning over so much of his income to "the Big Guy", being busted out of the military for drug abuse before he could hurt anyone in service to his country, lying about his drug use and stating "no" on the ATF form asking about substance abuse and then managing to stay out of prison; throwing away a gun in a garbage can next to a school with no repercussions, it is clear to me that he is no mere mortal. Nothing he has done or been absolved of is due to anything he has actually done himself. All of those miracles happened because of who he is and if that is not an indication of Sainthood, I don't know what is. As such, I am in awe of the guy.

Tom Conners

Gee...could it be that Hunter did not infest the White House like the "other guy's" kids did? The "other guy's" kids were/are dabbling into national matters and Government...Hunter has not been seen doing those dirty deeds. Perhaps a dose of reality is in store for receivers of constant propaganda.

Pete Demoney

How do you feel about Jared's $2,000,000,000 from the Saudis?

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