To the editor:

Recently a Pastor from Powell wrote an editorial about the death penalty. 

Sorry, but I have to disagree with her. It needs to stay. People on death row do not need to sit for years on end. Get it done. Quit using taxpayers’ money to support these criminals. 

My best friend was raped and murdered in Texas in 1981. They caught the guy. He was a family man so he got life. Then he got cancer, so then the state of Texas had to pay for his treatments until he died. 

Sorry. But an eye for an eye. Hang high till they die. Let the buzzards eat their eyes. My friend died a horrible death. Anyone who kills should die the same way. Unless you’ve been there. I’m glad this man died.

(s) susan aagard


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Justin Smith

In the land of eye for an eye all men walk blind.

I greatly mistrust people that virtue signal.

Sherry Taha

"Thou shalt not kill." Haven't seen the part where government killings are an exception to the rule. How can we teach not killing by killing? If killing is wrong, it is wrong across the board.

Scott Conger

Sherry, fortunately for us, no one ever wrote that in the Bible, or Christians would all be vegans and living as slaves to those whom we would be our masters. In biblical Hebrew, as in English, killing (harag) and murder (ratzah) are two different words with two very different moral connotations, and the commandment uses the Hebrew word ratzah, which means that the proper translation of the commandment from Hebrew into English is, "Thou shalt not murder." A Bible Concordance and an interlinear Bible are two great resources for Believers and should be on more book shelves than they apparently are. A legal trial, held by a legitimate Court resulting in a verdict of "Death" serves as a great deterrent to others who would consider the same crime, and should leave no one awake at night nor ashamed of their community for coming to that decision.

Thomas Lewis

100% in agreement. Those convicted of committing heinous crimes should pay the ultimate price for their misdeeds. Whether or not the death penalty deters crime is irrelevant. The legal system in this country has been transformed into one that coddles those who commit heinous crimes like murder. After conviction, murderers get a free ride in prison while we pay the tab...until they are released on "good behavior" because they "found Jesus" and showed "real remorse" for their bad actions. Nevermind the fact that they made the conscious decision to snuff-out the life of someone's daughter, someone's son, someone's mom, or someone's dad. It is a sad day when we've become a society that cares less about a victim's rights and more about the rights of convicted murderers.

Tom Fischer


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