To the editor:

The Park County commissioners were quoted in the Aug. 11 Cody Enterprise as voting to reject supporting a name change for the Squaw Buttes. 

The article said that the commissioners felt “the history and heritage of Park County is important and must remain the same today and tomorrow.” To prove history, the article cites that the name “Squaw Buttes” appeared in a USGS report as early as 1906. 

Really? And the Arapaho and Shoshone and Crow have lived and hunted in this area since what historical date? 

Did anyone in 1906 bother to inquire of any of these sovereign nations what names they had given those buttes? (Somehow I feel their naming would have taken place prior to 1906.)

If the commissioners truly are concerned about the “history and heritage of Park County,” if it actually is “important” that the names “remain the same today and tomorrow” (did they intend to include yesterday along with today and tomorrow?), then shouldn’t they go back to the original name given by the original inhabitants? 

Or at least back to the population who hunted and fished in “Park County” prior to the colonizers who usurped the indigenous names of the mountains and buttes?

(s) judith spargur


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Does anyone know if the Shoshone, Crow, or Arapahoe has a name for these buttes? If they did, what was it?


Really nothing else to do in life, time to get a life. Go Redskins.


Not right


Judith ever part of this earth has had colonizers one shape or another conquer a land. If you are so offend and overwhelmed by the grief of what your ancestors and family did, then why haven’t you returned to your native land.

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