To the editor:

Why do people not pick up trash on city property? 

I just returned from the Wyoming State Memorial Park where I had removed three big garbage bags of trash from the boat ramp about three weeks ago. 

They were so heavy I couldn’t put them in the receptacle and left them next to it. Today there was as much garbage there as there was three weeks ago. This trash comes from the fishermen and boaters.

I hadn’t walked the Park for a long time; my husband had told me that the weeds had taken over but I thought it was just sour grapes. Today I learned he was right. For 11 years he spent practically every day in the summer working on that park; he put his heart and soul in it. I myself spent many hours pulling weeds. There is now a committee of about 10 people.

This park was the original idea of Paul Rodriquez. Buck Wilkerson was the guiding force in raising money to bring it to fruition. Ultimately, the joke was Buck and Bob Davidson worked like a couple – Buck raised the money and Bob spent it.

While I’m at it, why don’t people keep their gutters clean? And that goes for businesses downtown. Grass and weeds that grow in the cracks in the gutters eventually ruin the pavement. Replacing them costs you and me tax dollars. 

I’ve heard that boiling water and/or vinegar will kill the weeds. Our parks department is short handed so let’s help them out and make Cody the best city in Wyoming.

(s) Sandy Davidson


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Clark Lefko

The city code compliance officer does a pretty good job of handing out notices for weeds, trash etc. But, this is for the local "common" people only. The huge exemption is that Rap Star who has breezed out of town. The city leaders pretty much decided to let this dude do whatever he wants to, including letting weeds grow on that Big Horn ave property. Speaking of that property, hasn't the permit for that hoop building expired (months ago)? Yet, still it stands. It's no secret that our P & Z board, including it's chairman are absolutely dazzled by the Rapper and so it's anything goes for that Californian vs. if you're a local, better do as they say or the whip will crack down. I'll bet the P & Z board members even wear Yeezy at their meetings....

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