Who doesn’t have a memory of looking up at the night sky on a warm summer day and watching bursts of brilliant colors during a Fourth of July fireworks show?

It’s as American as apple pie, capping off a celebration of the birth of the country by looking up and enjoying a show. It hearkens back to the national anthem, of Francis Scott Key’s description of British bombs and rockets exploding in the night sky over Baltimore harbor while an American flag waved defiantly.

Cody Chamber of Commerce executive director Tina Hoebelheinrich waxed poetic on Fourth of July fireworks shows recently while talking of the need for the community to donate to keep the Cody show alive.

We hope people continue to see the importance of the show, a representation of our freedom, and choose to support it each year.

What is needed is for the community, large and small donors, to donate  at least $30,000 each year so that the chamber can pay the $15,000 deposit to Pyrotech Professionals every January and then pay the balance around the time of the show.

To donate, go to the Chamber’s events page, click on the Fireworks show July 4 and follow the prompts to donate what you can.

It promises to be a show worth supporting. Chris Good, who is running the show for the second consecutive year, said this year they have enlarged the size of some of the ordnance and are committed to smoothing out last year’s kinks that included the show starting late and the music sync with the radio not working. 

He said they’ve already worked with the radio to ensure the patriotic music is synced up with the blast of the fireworks and have been working since last week to prepare.

So go out and enjoy the show. Appreciate the freedoms we grabbed in 1776 with the signing of the Declaration of Independence and defended thereafter, including during the War of 1812 – the inspiration for Key’s famous lines. And support the future of the biggest Fourth of July show in the state.


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