To the editor:

The Enterprise has hosted a telling debate about McCarthyism in America today. Whatever the particular arguments, both Republican and Democratic leaders following the McCarthy period agreed that many Americans were falsely painted with the traitor brush, with careers and lives unjustly ruined in the process. 

This was not the result of a legal process, it was character assassination and innuendo and rumor-mongering, and innocent people were the victims.

Today we also have our own innocent victims. William Taylor, Laura Cooper, Fiona Hill, Marie Yovanovitch, George Kent, Alexander Vindman, Kurt Volker and others testified under oath in the impeachment hearings. They represented hundreds of years of service to America and great foreign policy expertise for America. 

Despite the validation of the truth of their testimony, most of these loyal public servants were fired, forced out or reassigned for doing their duty to tell the truth. They were not alone – witness the parade of cabinet and White House officials who have been forced out or fired from their positions over the last few years.

Today we see the spectacle across the country of health officers and workers, of mayors and governors, and of election workers, secretaries of state, and again governors, and most recently of senators and representatives, and even the vice president being pressured and threatened. 

What were their sins? Trying to save American lives in the pandemic and working to conduct fair and honest elections. 

Mr. Berry is right. This is no McCarthyism. Hard as it is to imagine, this is much worse. 

(s) hap ridgway


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It has been the MO of the Trump administration to punish the truth-tellers and praise those who will do his bidding, who are more loyal to him than the Constitution. The GOP is all about Trump idolatry, no policies that they once stood for (evidenced in lack of party platform in last summer's "convention").

P Demoney

Elect a clown, expect a circus.


Another poorly written article full of nothing but lies. Please move to Portland with all of your friends.


Another poorly written comment devoid of any thought. Please move to Parler with all of your friends.


American people should be more careful from now on who they install in the White House.Ye reap what ye sow.

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