To the editor:

No more taxes for anything.

It appears that our elected representatives are once again ignoring the wishes of their constituents. We already voted against increases in taxes on both local and state levels. What part of NO did you not understand?

If we don’t have the money, we do without.

Gasoline prices have already gone up by at least 10 cents per gallon. Businesses are closing; we are losing good-paying jobs (with benefits) in the energy/mineral industry, and prices are continuing to rise. The tax-paying industries are either leaving or being mandated out of existence. 

Our “elected” representatives seem to think that the answer to our lack of funds is to increase taxes on their citizens. It already costs more to go to work if one is employed. Now our representatives think one should have to pay for the privilege of actually getting to and from work, visiting family and friends and receiving medical care. 

If no one works or can get to work, how does the government expect to receive taxes? Charge us to use our roads and use tracking devices to make sure we comply. I don’t think so. NO ONE is entitled to know when and where I travel unless I choose to tell a family member or friend. 

Wyoming already knows how many vehicles are registered and how much they weigh. When we drive out of state, is Wyoming planning on sharing money with Idaho, Montana or Colorado, to name just a few? Are tourists going to pay to use our roads? After all, tourists have those huge RV trailers which greatly impact our roads. Most of our food and supplies are delivered by semi-trucks. How will usage fees affect availability and cost?

I’ll take potholes and dirt roads to keep my freedom to travel when and where I wish without government oversight and intervention.

(s) carmela conning


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