To the editor:

Well, I’m a Republican too and a proud American patriot that voted for and supports President Trump. I’ve been called a clinger, a deplorable and now a domestic-terrorist as well as cult member for simply being a Republican that supported President Trump. 

Yep, there are 74 million of us that actually voted for President Trump. Now the liberal elitist left and Democrats are wanting to censor us, cancel us, use drones to eliminate us and if that doesn’t work, send us to indoctrination camps because we are Republicans that support President Trump. Guess what? We will not be silenced, eliminated or indoctrinated.

(s) monty corbett


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Schelly Jordan

The first part of of Mr. Vanderhoff's first sentence is a true fact, in my opinion. However, "living here for 70 years" might give you street cred on local issues and reflect a good gene pool but obviously no more cred to criticize another person's political perspective. Anyway, Mr. Luke's point re: censorship is well taken. While we have yet to reach the point of the type of censorship many of my family experienced in Nazi Germany, there are signs that raise concern. The suspending of people's Twitter or Facebook accounts due to political content sure sends a message that political speech contrary to Democratic group-think is vulnerable to restrictions. Just this week during House Energy & Commerce hearings, Reps. Eshoo and McNerney, Democrats from California (surprise, surprise) sent a letter to cable and streaming companies that questions their decision to host certain news networks. Singling out Fox News, One America News Network as well as Newsmax, in an effort to put pressure on these companies to reconsider carrying these outlets. If you were a Roku executive, what are you to think when you receive such a letter? The creeping redefinition of what is "news" is slowly weaponizing mainstream media (CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, etc.} as not only the only source for news but as a public attack dog against conservative thought and action. . That leaves us with a radical, politically correct mouthpiece for the Democratic political agenda that seeks to silence facts that differ from the Democratic agenda. I don't need to be "saved" from Newsmax. American citizens need free access to all opinion and information as well as allowed to digest &analyze it accordingly. Where would we be if the British had censored Thomas Paine, who in 1776, authored "Common Sense" and "The American Crisis", helping catalyze the American Revolution? Actually, as an aside, those titles are fitting for the current situation that the radicalizing of the Democratic agenda and situation we find ourselves facing. So, I'll close with a quote by Thomas Paine; "These are the times that try men's souls".

P.S. Keep in mind that the archaic use of the word "men's" in Paine's quote is representative of 18th century thinking and should mean universally inclusive of all peoples without respect to gender, age, race, national origin, historical persecution/genocide, physical handicap, sexual orientation or political affiliation.

Matt Winslow

Whoever told you that anyone is out to "to censor [you], cancel [you], use drones to eliminate [you] and if that doesn’t work, send [you] to indoctrination camps" was lying to you. That's really out there. Ask yourselves why you they would want you to think that.

Bill Luke

I'm afraid we are being actively censored by the left wing media branch of the democrat party as well as BIG TECH.

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Dewey Vanderhoff

One primate's nonsense is another sapien's considered opinion derived from doing their own critical thinking and using attribution and fact checking , besides living here for 70 years which should count for something as well

P.S. Nobody makes you read anything at all ...not mine or nor anyone else's informed viewpoint. I'm not in your face, ever.

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