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Ron Bruce

A complete misrepresentation to cover up that Nina Webber is a bad candidate. Sorry, if it were the mean ol' Dems that made the difference that would be one thing. But Hageman beat Cheney 3-1 in our county on the same ballot.

If this story that you, Weber, Webber, Armstrong, etc are peddling was true, then Nina Webber would have won in a landslide. But for the second time, voters here said that she was not good enough to win. Too bad that she moved here just for these elections, and too bad that all of the badmouthing that Nina Weber did in the election wasn't quite enough to win. And...too bad that she, her boyfriend Scott, you, and the rest of that Greek chorus of complainers can't see that Nina lost because she was an inferior candidate.

Tom Conners


Hollye Cabiedas

After you end the freedom to change parties to choose representation, will there be a test to prove how "Republican" one is? Will it be a written test or involve feats of strength?

Tom Conners

Uh..oh..fake news...recount they only need 12,000 vote to win.

Matt Winslow

The voters of her district - i.e. your neighbors - elected her in a fair and well-run election. Full stop. SMH, What can be more unAmerican than acting like half of America is your enemy?

Dewey Vanderhoff

Where do you pasture your 2000 mules, Jim Vetter ?

The Newsome-Webber race is a petri dish gestation locally of the insidious practice of the Republican Party emanating from Washington D.C. to use any means possible to manipulate elections in their favor. Those means elsewhere involve gerrymandering, voter disinfranchisement, disingenuous election challenges and frivolous lawsuits on top, but down near the grassroots and weedpatches the GOP heirarchy resorts to negative campaigning, mudslinging, ad hominem attacks, and copious amounts of male bovine excrement. At every level of contemporary Republican vote jigging we see a lot of misinformation , disinformation , and bald face lying. The Newsome-Webber contest was rife with the latter. It is regrettable a good moderate Republican like Sandy newsome has to don her hip waders and take the low road through the muck to challenge her opponent's malignant tactics and profligate deceits. It is a wretched state of affairs when the open democratic process and civil discourse have been corrupted by dispensing with truth , factuality, reason and respect... all indictable within the same political party in this case. Actual issues and important initiatives never see the light of day in the GOP campaigns now... Republican autocrats are too consumed with attacking liberals and Dems egregiously out of context by rote . But then they turn on anyone/everyone in their own party who does not 100 percent swear to adhere to the party platform without wavering . Bonus points for swearing fealty to the Supreme leader and kissing his ... ring. It's a shame that Democrats have to switch parties to become Republicans for a Day to do the real conscientious voting for them.

Pete Demoney

Please consider this, Webber/Weber lost. Twice.

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