To the editor:

I have been visiting various areas of Wyoming since 1986, and twice yearly in recent years. Now that Kanye West and his “church” seem to be taking over Wyoming, twice-a-summer-per-year vacations are no longer desirable to me, and I am heartbroken to see the real Wyoming may no longer be a tourism draw for me and others.

I’ve heard it said that money talks, but Wyoming stands to be ruined when Hollywood moves in. Those of us who appreciate the West are sorely disappointed people throwing money around as Kanye and Kim are doing are starting to diminish the authenticity of the state and its western way of life. Wyoming is not the next Hollywood, Disney World or Aspen. 

I am shaking my head in disbelief. This makes me so sad. 

(s) Sami long kopelman

Vancouver, Wash.

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As someone who now lives in Washington, but misses Cody with all her heart, I say give the guy a chance.. He bought the Cody Labs building to open a manufacturing plant, so many jobs for Cody people.. I highly doubt anyone is going to NOT go to Cody just because of Kanye West..


Pretty ignorant article! As a Cody resident, I see very little change of our area from Kanye West and crew moving in. He's done one Sunday service (more would be enjoyable ;) ) and that was a while ago and did nothing to hamper the allure of this awesome town and place to live! So far I see nothing but positive that he's done or trying to do here. It's fun to watch it happen!

P Demoney

Irony- when someone who is a horrible role model for our children is calling someone else a bad role model, Kanye has just as much right to be here as a move in from Ohio.


This is nonsense does anyone realize how may people in this town are temporary or have moved here from somewhere else.

Wapiti 1

I am encouraged by the number of comments pushing back on the letter writer -- way to go Cody!

To the letter writer: would you be making the same comments if West was Caucasian? I doubt it. By the way, we are all Americans and are free to go wherever we want. Don't try to erect a border wall at the state line to try to keep out Americans you ignorantly don't approve of.


Nothing of substance was said in this letter. West wants to focus on wellness and mental health. WY has a mental health crisis (3rd highest suicide rate in nation). Additionally, health and wellness is a fast growing area of tourism. This is a good trend.

We should welcome tourists that are less focused on pure consumption oriented travel and more focused on enjoying the natural scenery we have and making themselves better human beings.

This all very good for our community and taps in to our historical roots from Buffalo Bill, to Teddy Roosevelt, to native Americans long before.

Let's encourage this kind of development - we'll be a much better off community because of it.

Gunrunner Auctions

The letter writer from WA has obviously done their homework as have I on the couple in question. Simply Google some of the song lyrics of the husband and view some of the videos of the wife and you will be appalled. No way should this man’s rap “music” be allowed in Cody schools (it would violate the Student Handbook for sure), nor should someone of this genre be allowed to influence our children in any way.

I was totally unaware of this couple prior to them purchasing property in Cody, but did research on them as I have done with other CA types as they cruise through Wyoming. All have other homes in more temperate climates and spend little time here. Same situation with this couple in question.

The husband has already shown little regard for the laws and codes of this county and has been chastised/stopped for it. Again, research shows that he pulled the same sort of building violations in CA and was chastised/stopped for it as well. It’s a pattern. He was not in Wyoming a week until he was harassing wildlife and was visited by the game wardens. His building project(s) was halted by the county. Research show his wife went on a late night show and ridiculed her first Wyoming visit and posted an incriminating video. So this couple’s initial descent into Cody has been dismal and has put them on the radar of law enforcement and county regulators.

Having said that, anyone has a right to purchase property in Cody and come here. But that person MUST adhere to our codes and laws and respect our wildlife. New business – especially that which utilizes existing structures – is very welcome in Cody. But don’t look for rap music to be blaring in the local waterholes or cowboy boots being replaced by hip-hop purple sneakers. Ain’t gonna happen….

I can’t imagine ANYTHING this couple could do that would remotely interest me.

Fox Blue River

Go away bigot

Fox Blue River

Delete this article please. Until Kanye and Kim try to rename Cody I'm really not worried about his impact. At best we get a few more jobs at worst they decide they don't like the cold.


This dude isn't from WY. Most people in town are really enthusiastic about what West is doing here. Cody has a really bright future that's remarkably in-line with it's rich past!

Karma C

There are people I don't like in every single state in this country. That does not stop me from visiting them. I am sure Kanye is not inviting you over to his home, and he has not taken over your favorite camping spot. So unless it has a direct effect on you, I am not sure I understand this.

Should the state ban anyone who doesn't fit in with your idea of what a Wyoming person should look and act like?

Danny Brown

So Buffalo Bill should have stayed in Hollywood?

Disgusted taxpayer

On the contrary,Wyoming needs more entrepreneurs to bolster the state's economy,and if they come from "Hollywood" be it.Y'all in Washington have your own problems...clean those up before complaining about others.


I'm sorry you feel this way. Kanye loving Wyoming doesn't diminish our beautiful, western state in the least. When Kanye and his family are here, how they act doesn't change how fulltime residents act. So if you allow Kanye and his family's sporadic time in Cody to stop your visits, that's on you not Kanye. There are other wonderful, beautiful places to visit and stay in Wyoming! You should really reconsider!


Well Mr. Long. I would have to say, that Kayne West may be a good thing for the area of Cody. If you have been doing your research, the county is hurting money wise and Mr. West may be able to develop some business in the area that will help with the tax base for the county. I have not read anywhere that he as went in and ask for tax breaks or special treatment. All I have read is that the county and state seem to be giving him a hard time on everything he is trying to do. And before you might ask, no I have no connection to him or ever think that I will. The great thing about this country is that it's is still suppose to be a FREE country and if he wants to move to the area a develop some businesses and buy land then he has the right to do that.


Golly I have lived in Wyoming for over 50 years and wouldn't know Kayne and Kim are even around. Please spend your new allocated time on the many problems in your state of Washington please.


It saddens my here that someone is so close minded. Wyoming welcomes everyone. We welcomed you and millions of others. It's too bad you feel there way you do, but I would rather have someone in our town that is trying to financially help it than someone who visits once in awhile and judges others.




Why is this? Because he is a celebrity, adding jobs to our desperate economy or his race? He held one "church" service here and everyone loved it. Thats the only flashy thing he's done so far.


Would you like some fries to go with your bigotry ?


I agree with you !I lived in Cody for 24 years but I still consider it my home. They have a right to be here just like anyone else but from everything I've heard its caused a huge amount of disturbance. Like any celebrities people are just making too big of a deal out of them and it makes me sick.


What did they disturb? News to me (a person who actually lives here).


You weren't the first here. There other here way before us and what Kanye is doing here seems pretty in line with in the spirit of how they enjoyed this land.


That is ok Sami! You are more than welcome to stay in WA. However, those of us locals that can see past the celebrity name and have actually experienced all that he has brought to us (jobs, business to local hotels & restaurants, amazing experiences to our High School students) welcome him and his family. He and his staff that have come have been nothing but kind and respectful.

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