To the editor:

I have been visiting various areas of Wyoming since 1986, and twice yearly in recent years. Now that Kanye West and his “church” seem to be taking over Wyoming, twice-a-summer-per-year vacations are no longer desirable to me, and I am heartbroken to see the real Wyoming may no longer be a tourism draw for me and others.

I’ve heard it said that money talks, but Wyoming stands to be ruined when Hollywood moves in. Those of us who appreciate the West are sorely disappointed people throwing money around as Kanye and Kim are doing are starting to diminish the authenticity of the state and its western way of life. Wyoming is not the next Hollywood, Disney World or Aspen. 

I am shaking my head in disbelief. This makes me so sad. 

(s) Sami long kopelman

Vancouver, Wash.

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