It would be gratifying if we could say we were shocked the Park County Republican Party made no announcements after committeeman Troy Bray from central Powell sent a vulgar email to State Sen. Tara Nethercott (R-Cheyenne). Even if he were admonished privately, failing to announce it publicly is still condoning the actions.

Unfortunately we weren’t shocked. We were saddened that the political divisiveness in this country, and especially in this state, has sunk so low that one can say a few words of apology and then move on as if nothing happened.

During the same period that Bray wrote the offensive email, Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden resigned for his decades-old emails using racial stereotypes, disparaging players and misogynist comments about female referees.

We don’t see much difference between the emails.

While we are adamant proponents of free speech, we are also adamant proponents of human decency.

Bray apologized for his comments but still appears rather resistant to the idea he did anything wrong.

He invited his constituents to a meeting to discuss his email, but nobody showed up.

That prompted Bray to say, “Apparently my constituents are not that upset with what I said.”

This is one of the ugliest times for political discourse in this country and there are a number of factors contributing to the situation.

But we cannot fathom how the Park County Republican Party can take no action against one of its committee members for that vulgar email and then just move on as if nothing had happened.

We hope the old proverb “One bad apple spoils the whole barrel” does not apply to the entire county Republican committee.

We are disheartened a Wyoming party committeeman would write such an offensive email encouraging a state senator to kill herself. Those comments are outside the bounds of acceptable behavior.

We believe Bray’s actions were an aberration in Wyoming politics and the Park County Republican committee is better than the actions of one of its members.

We hope we are proven right.


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Jim Guelde

Too danged many people easily offended by plain talk and rough language. As a white feller, I’m verbally assaulted every day by the leftists… doesn’t bother me a smidgen. Nobody promised us a rose garden.

Tom Conners

What's to expect when morals and ethics were flushed long ago in this country.

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