To the editor:

During a recent radio interview, Rep. Sandy Newsome declared that she is not for abortion.

She inaccurately stated that Wyoming has some of the more restrictive anti-abortion laws in the nation and that abortions cannot take place in Wyoming after 12 weeks’ gestation unless the life of the mother is at risk.

The fact is that Wyoming statute states that abortion may not happen after “viability” which, far from being at 12 weeks, is more in the range of 20 to 24 weeks. There is an exception to that in cases of “imminent peril that substantially endangers a woman’s life or health.”

According to Americans United for Life in its Defending Life from Conception to Natural Death 2019 edition, Wyoming ranks a pitiful 35 out of 50 in terms of being protective of unborn life. This is unacceptable in a predominantly Republican state. While there are a number of staunch defenders of life in the State Legislature, Sandy Newsome is certainly not one of them.

Rep. Newsome voted during the 2020 budget session for SF 97 - Born-Alive Infant Care Act, which would have improved upon an existing statute. In the same session, she voted against HB 197 - 48-Hour Waiting Period (prior to an abortion) based on her declared rule that legislators should concentrate on the budget in a budget session, with the only exception being for emergency bills.

In 2019, she further voted against HB 103 - Abortion Reporting, although this was during a general session. She gave no reason for having done this.

It is legislators like Rep. Newsome that cause Wyoming to have such a bad reputation on the issue of defending life. This needs to be considered when voting in the August primary, where Rep. Newsome’s opponent, Nina Webber, is firmly pledged to uphold life and the Republican Party platform in its entirety.

(s) sheila leach


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Wyoming is perched on the abyss of bankruptcy with no plan to reform its economy and save the State.

We have NO TIME to waste in the coming L:egislature for the frivolous counterproductive divisive social conservative issues like abortion . And we have no time tod evote to more f@#king gun rights laws. Wyoming could be a failed state by this time next year if we don't totally reform our thinking and policies. Please, leave the abortion and gun dogma at home this time around .

Sandy will be just fine. Single issue voters are worse than no voter at all...

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