To the editor:

I don’t care if a person is a blue-citizen or a red-citizen, their choice of petty politics is not important. 

I am upset over a more fundamental problem – respect for our service personnel. Recently we lost 13 young military people to a terrorist bomb while serving to rescue Americans and others in Afghanistan. Thirteen young people simply doing the task assigned them, no choice, no hesitation.

The President asked that flags be flown at half-staff to recognize our loss and show pride for these youngsters. Driving around Cody I was dismayed at the number of flags remaining at full height as if such action to drop the flag to half-staff violated their Constitutional rights. 

It has nothing to do with their rights, it is simply a salute to the loss of these young people. The loss may not be personal, but communities lost, friends lost, and families lost – even one from Wyoming – our loss. 

Politics has its place – this is not the time or reason. We need to get beyond red and blue citizens and work to heal our country with red white and blue citizens.

(s) raymond floyd


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Thomas Lewis

Mr. Floyd, your point is very well taken. Unfortunately we now live in a nation where a person is identified first and foremost by his or her tribal politics. A person is either all-in on the red team, or all-in on the blue team. Seems like there is no longer any room for the middle ground. The simple act of respectfully listening to the opposing team's point-of-view is now viewed as a sign of weakness, as is the ability to achieve a compromise. I offer no solutions to the issue you raise, but I do agree that the American flag should not be used as a political pawn by either team. My hat is off to you, Mr. Floyd, for your very worthwhile comments.

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