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Justin Smith

So, let me get this straight. You moved to Wyoming and you want to control how other people think and what they believe?

Tom Conners

By your analogy you are part of the problem rather than part of the solution. Running away from your problems does not somehow "fix" those problems and just as you moan about Oregon's invasion of kornies from their South...other states moan about invasion into their backyards. One must have the guts to take a stand and obviously too many ran instead of taking a stand.

Matt Winslow

American freedoms include freedom of interstate travel; that means you don’t get to choose who moves to town. They include freedom of expression and association, and the rights to vote and petition the government; that means you don’t get to tell them what to believe or the direction they would like to see their new home town move in. Supporting American freedom means embracing the fact that living, vibrant comities grow and change with the influx of new people, with their energy and ideas.

Tom Conners

Exactly my thoughts on this subject. Problem is in many states locals flat out refuse to accept change...Wyoming has long been part of this problem.

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