Even though this editorial was initially written prior to the Friday state championship football game in Laramie, we wanted to give a shout-out to the success of our fall Cody High School sports teams.

Obviously, the big win by the Broncs later that day and a defense of their 2020 title put a nice cap on it, but throughout the fall, the Broncs and Fillies once again showed off the talent and hard work they are capable of. We’re proud of all who have participated this year and excited to see many of the same athletes compete in winter sports.

We have a three-time state champion cross country team whose runners call Cody home, individual state champions in runner Ava Stafford and swimmer Tara Joyce, who can’t help setting new state records.

As plenty of business windows can attest to, with their signs saying “Go Broncs” and “Go Fillies,” high school sports has a way of bringing the community together. It’s a way to share pride in Cody’s youth, maybe relive memories of our own “Glory Days” and have a reason to cheer.

Life has been something of a rollercoaster for many of us since the start of the COVID pandemic and through a divisive election season, but right now, as cases of the virus recede, we can celebrate one of the reasons Cody is a great community to live in. 

And, the community can still be there to wrap around those in pain. Last Friday, during the Cody state semifinal game against Star Valley, everyone at Spike Vannoy Stadium participated in a moment of silence to honor a father and husband in his 30s, and a former Cody Bronc, who had recently died of COVID.

The Cody community, and the sports we come together for, are something worth rooting for.

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