In an unpopular decision, the Cody School Board earlier this month voted not to renew the coaching contract of long-time tennis head coach Norm Sedig.

That conclusion was not well received by the public.

A petition to reverse that decision has generated more than 700 signatures.

At a followup public comment session on the issue, people on both sides expressed their opinions. They were deeply divided.

Arguments were offered why Sedig should not be coaching tennis. Others spoke in favor of Sedig, imploring the Cody School Board to reconsider the termination.

The petition was denied and Sedig will not be the Cody tennis coach after 35 years on the job.

We aren’t privy to all the information the school board had when making the decision not to renew Sedig’s coaching contract.

Some of the reasons came out in the public comment session, but certainly not all. We don’t know everything that happened, but we do know this: often times boards are called on to make difficult decisions. In some cases the right decision, the decision that is in the best interest of all concerned, is not the most popular decision.

But it is incumbent on board members to make those kind of calls on the best information they have available to them at the time.

Although we don’t know the reasoning behind the decision not to renew Sedig’s contract, we hope and trust the decision was not made for political reasons, or because of petty grumbling by a handful of parents or players, or because of some board members who just don’t like the guy or for some other trivial reasons.

We trust the board had more substantial reasons in making the call.

If the decision were made for the wrong reasons, board members will have some explaining to do to the voters who elected them.

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Jim Jones

Some of the reasons for not renewing the contract came out in a public meeting and Malmberg keeps them secret from readers in an op-ed titled "Was Coach Canned for Right Reasons?" Uh, gee. We don't know because you didn't give us any of them.

Silence Dogood

This decision was performed incorrectly, firing a a head coach several weeks before a season is not acceptable. Rumor has it that someone didn't like Sedig and had a friend on the school board. I think it would be best if the current school board be replaced, as the number of questionable decisions they have made has passed excusability.


Doesn't appear the decision helped Stefanie Bell in her bid for the state senate.


how convenient was it for Monte the push this through as fast as she could before the new board members were elected sounds fishy to me

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